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Amarillo Mother Fights Breast Cancer After Early Detection

When Donna Morton heard from BSA Harrington Cancer Center Nurse Navigator Bobbie that she had been diagnosed with ductal carcinoma (DCIS) last July, Donna was in disbelief. “You don’t believe it at first,” she shares. “Then it starts to sink in. I had never had any pain or found a lump, so I had no clue it was there, which is why it came as such a shock.” Donna had made it a point to go to BSA Harrington Breast Center for her annual mammogram every year since she turned 40.

BSA Nurses Recognized as Panhandle Great 25 Nurses

“It is humbling and rewarding to lead a division of nurses here at BSA recognized among hundreds of nurses in this way,” shares BSA Hospital Chief Nursing Officer Belinda Gibson, RN, BSN, MAM. She is one of eight BSA nurses recognized in the second annual Panhandle Great 25 Nurses by the Texas Nurse Association for excellence in nursing.

BSA Offers Turndown Service To Patients

The BSA Environmental Services department launched their Turndown Service last year for patients and has received great feedback ever since. The Turndown Service takes place for each patient between 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. and includes restocking of any supplies, sprucing up the room, shutting the blinds, checking water levels, making sure the patient is comfortable and more.

Staying Safe in the Heat

BSA Health System cares about your health and safety. BSA EMS is participating in an effort to reduce heat related emergencies in Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Did you know the temperature difference between the canyon floor and rim can be as much as 30 degrees? Due to the remoteness of the park, it is especially important for you to know the symptoms of heat-related emergencies and how to prevent them.

A Heart for Nursing

BSA cardiology nurse Kelly Hugg, RN, married her passion with her profession. Yet nursing was not her first career. For 10 years, Kelly had a rewarding career in insurance fraud investigation. She lived all over the country – from Florida to Colorado. At the age of 29, she moved back home to Amarillo to be with her father, who had faced years of failing health and was placed in hospice care at a VA hospital. Kelly and her family stayed at his bedside, anticipating a calm and peaceful passing.

BSA Leadership Series with Physicians Surgical Hospitals Director of Surgical Services Julie Smith

At a very young age – even before entering kindergarten – Julie Smith, RN, found her passion. “I started playing classical violin when I was four years old,” she recalls. Her love for music and the violin continued as she grew older. “I was a music major in college.” After graduation, a chance conversation with a friend at church put her professional career on a completely different course. “I couldn’t stand the sight of blood.” Had Julie not taken a chance on her first job in health care, she wouldn’t have found the job or the place she says she never wants to leave.

Knowledge and Prevention of Cervical Cancer

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. This is a great time for women to refresh their knowledge of cervical cancer and to take appropriate steps for disease prevention. The National Cancer Institute projected that almost 13,000 women would be diagnosed with cervical cancer last year.

BSA Nurse Pursues Wellness One Pound at a Time to Reach Goal

BSA nurse, RaeEllen Brown, RN, has been caring for patients at BSA for 30 years. Her years of service are an accomplishment that speaks volumes of her dedication. Yet, she may argue the last nine months have tested her dedication more than ever, especially during the recent holiday season. “I would text him pictures of food that people brought to work and say, ‘The struggle is real,’” RaeEllen shares of contacting BSA Fitness Specialist and certified personal trainer Jason Campbell when temptation tried to nudge her off course. “He is so amazing!

Tips for People with Diabetes this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, Dr. Karen Smith, family medicine doctor for BSA Urgent Care, shares a few tips for ways those with diabetes can stay safe and healthy over the holiday weekend.  

If you have diabetes, please remember these three tips as you celebrate Thanksgiving:

1. If you are going to cheat on your healthy diet, cheat smart.  If you have sweets or starches, which break down as sugar, have a piece of protein to balance out your blood sugar.

BSA Leadership Series – an interview with Alan Sissel

Celebrating 20 years with BSA Health System, Director of Respiratory Therapy and Medical Physiology Alan Sissel, RRT-NPS shares his story with us as part of our BSA Leadership Series.

I started working in grocery retail when I was 15 years old, working after school and on weekends. I did everything from being a cashier and bagging groceries to frozen food management and night stocking. There were a lot of things I had done and experienced in the grocery retail industry. At the age of 24, with a young family of my own, I realized it was time to go back to school.


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