BSA Contact Center

The BSA Contact Center offers physicians and other health care providers a professional staff and practical HIPAA-compliant communication tools to provide exceptional service to their customers.

Our services include:

  • A 24/7, 365 day answering service
  • Encrypted messaging tool for two-way communication between providers regarding patient data, including charts, diagnosis codes and diagnostic imaging results.
  • Centralized phone directory with all credentialed physicians and clinical staff available through Spok’s SmartWeb portal at any BSA facility.
  • Physician/clinic customized instruction page for agent guidance
  • Trained healthcare agents

Features of our high tech system include:

  • The ability to take messages and store them for future review if needed (stored for one year).
  • A profile page, which automatically displays the calling procedure when your patients call.
  • A special instructions area, where doctors may provide important information such as who is on-call or a temporary alternate contact number.
  • The ability to set up reminders for different needs such as a daily morning wake up call for our doctors or a specific time that our answering service needs to deliver information.

The BSA Contact Center will represent the doctor with precision and professionalism in order to help doctors provide their patients with their patients with the best care and customer service possible.

For further inquiries or to start service with the BSA Contact Center, please contact Samuel Mandujano, Jr. at 806-212-4111.