Benefits for Physicians

BSA Hospitalist Services offer numerous benefits to primary and specialty care physicians. Their support can:

  • Enable physicians to spend more time with their office patients
  • Offer flexibility in scheduling
  • Act as a referral source for new patients
  • Perform pre-procedural risk assessments, avoiding surgical delays
  • Allow specialists to focus on procedural work by addressing routine medical issues
  • Coordinate care management
  • Act as a liaison between all members of the physician care team to ensure optimal patient care
  • Provide more immediate response to inpatient emergencies
  • Facilitate the admission and discharge process
  • Contact BSA Hospitalist Services

BSA hospitalists are available from 7 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week.  The hospitalists will see patients more than once a day if needed.

To arrange for hospitalist services for your hospitalized patients or admission of a patient through the hospitalist services, call (806) 212-2210 or (800) 888-8332.