Review the steps below.  Contact the Business Office at (855) 598-3657 or (877) 304-1299 ext 473 if you have any questions.

STEP 1 - Registration

The billing process begins at time of registration. When you register, the Registration Assistant will verify your demographic information and ask for your current insurance card(s). We do this at every visit in order to ensure that we have the most accurate information for you. At registration, please be prepared to pay any deductibles and copays that are applicable for your upcoming hospital service.

If you are covered by insurance, it is always a good idea to be familiar with your insurance plan and/or contact your insurance carrier before coming to the hospital. Understanding your referral, authorization, and financial requirements will help avoid any potential delays or issues.  If you have any questions about insurance pre-certification, please call (806) 212-6284.

STEP 2 - Initial Statement

The patient receives an initial statement in the mail that includes visit specific information (see below). 

  • Charges for treatment and/or testing
  • Insurance information, if applicable
  • Contact number for the hospital
  • Dates of treatment

BSA does not routinely send itemized statements to patients.  If you desire an itemized statement, please call the Business Office at (855) 598-3657 or (877) 304-1299 ext 473.

STEP 3 - Insurance

If you provided insurance information at time of registration, we will bill your insurance shortly after your hospital services have been rendered. This normally occurs within 10 days if all requirements are met for the bill to finalize (physician information, diagnosis, and insurance authorization).  At this time, you will be sent an informational statement notifying you that your insurance has been billed.

BSA is considered a preferred provider for many insurance plans. If BSA is not your plan's preferred provider, you will be responsible for a higher co-payment or percentage of your hospital charges for choosing a "non-network" hospital. It is your responsibility to confirm the preferred provider status of BSA with your insurance carrier.  Some insurance companies do require pre-certification and/or referral from your primary physician in advance of service. BSA recommends that you call the insurance company to verify that the pre-certifications and referrals have been completed. It is the responsibility of the patient, guarantor or patient's physician to notify or call the insurance company. Failure to gather pre-certification, physician referral or pre-authorization may result in reduced payment or denial of benefits by the insurance company.  For more information, please call (806) 212-6284.

While your insurance company is processing your claim, you may receive statements from us letting you know the status of your account. If you have questions regarding the processing of your insurance claim, please contact your insurance company to determine status.

After your insurance company processes the claim, they will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). The EOB shows the insurance company's payment to the hospital and the portion that is your responsibility. This statement is not a bill. If you provided us secondary insurance at time of registration, we will also bill the secondary insurance for you. 

Except where prohibited by regulation, law, or contract, BSA will allow the insurance carrier 30 days to pay. After this time, the patient will be contacted to seek their help in securing payment. If the payment has not been received within the next two weeks, BSA will ask the patient for payment of the account.

STEP 4 - Billing

Once your insurance company has made payment, you will be billed for any charges or portion your insurance company did not cover. Subsequent monthly statements and/or letters will be sent to you indicating your new balance after any payments or adjustments.  BSA Health System accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover, cash and personal checks.  To inquire about financing, please contact our Business office at (855) 598-3657 or (877) 304-1299 ext 473.

Pay your bill online

BSA bills for its employed-physician services separately from its hospital services. Therefore, most patients will receive at least two bills from BSA: one for hospital (facility) services and one for hospital employed physician services. You also may receive other bills from non-BSA staff that are related to your stay at the hospital.  This could include Emergency Physicians, Anesthesiologists, Radiologists, Home Health, Hospice and/or Pathologists. These doctors could have different arrangements with your insurance company that may lead to additional bills. 

Understanding Your Hospital Bill

STEP 5 - Financial Assistance

If you are unable to make payment in full for the amount that you owe, please contact our Business Office at (855) 598-3657 or (877) 304-1299 ext 473 and ask to speak to a Financial Counselor to make payment arrangements or discuss financial assistance.  We have many different payment plans and financial assistance options, and our financial counselors will work with you to determine if you are eligible for medical assistance or self-pay discounts.


In keeping with the mission and philosophy of BSA, we will make available charity care services (within the resources available) to financially or medically indigent patients. Charity services are provided without charge. Other levels of financial assistance may be available to patients who do not qualify for charity care services.

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