At BSA you will experience the wonder of "Single-Room Maternity Care." BSA was the first hospital in the Amarillo area to offer this progressive care tomothers. Single Room Maternity Care means that you will labor, give birth, recover and receive postpartum care all within the privacy of your own spacious birthing suite.

To schedule a tour of the Childbirth Center, call 806-212-2229.

Staying in one room from admission to discharge creates a more pleasant experience for the entire family. Your support person is encouraged to be present. Our elegant Birthing Suites are designed for complete family comfort. Your baby stays right in Mom's spacious room. Since there is a queen-sized bed in each birthing suite, Dad or a special guest can staytoo. Mother and baby share the same room after delivery so you can strengthen the bond between you. Of course, if you'd like a break or want some undisturbed rest, our nurses will be happy to care for your baby in the newborn nursery just steps down the hall.

The birthing suites include all the medical equipment needed during delivery, including a special light, medical gas hookups, and a built-in mother and baby monitoring system to ensure the safe delivery of your baby. Most of the equipment is concealed, yet accessible if necessary. Features such as glider rocking chairs, flat screen televisions and free wireless internet give you feeling of a home atmosphere. Large windows provide views of the medical center.  The beautifully tiled private bathroom in each suite has a Jacuzzi tub and shower for the mother's comfort during and after labor.



Cesarean (C-Section) Births

Cesarean births take place in one of our two surgical suites located on the same floor. After surgery, patients and families are taken to the beautiful, spacious private rooms in the Ware Tower.