Child Life Services

BSA realizes that hospitalization can be extremely stressful for you and your child.  Therefore, the Child Life Program and our Child Life Specialists are here to provide support and to help ease anxiety during hospitalization.

Child Life Specialists will meet your child's developmental, emotional and psychosocial needs while they are in the hospital.  We provide pediatric patients with a supportive environment by offering play and various learning experiences throughout hospitalization.

The Child Life Program also provides procedural teachings and support for surgery and treatments.  Therapeutic health care play and teaching sessions for all ages explain diagnoses and illnesses by using age-appropriate teaching materials.  This helps to explain medical procedures and treatments and encourage self-expression while being in the hospital.

Medial Preparation and play is used to help alleviate anxiety and gain a sense of control for children who are preparing for any medical procedure, including surgery.  Children are invited to take a tour of Baptist Saint Anthony's Hospital before their procedure.  Medical procedures are explained using pictures, special medical dolls and actual medical equipment to give the child a better understanding of their procedure.

Procedural Support is used to help children cope with difficult medical issues through distraction and relaxation techniques.  Child Life Specialists are also available to help assist parents in supporting their child during these procedures.

Support for siblings is provided to families to give information and support.  Child Life Specialists help siblings understand the medical situation of their family member and to work through their own feelings and concerns.

Our playroom is available Monday-Friday (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and closed on the weekends).  The BSA playroom is filled with toys, games ( PlayStation, Game Cube and Nintendo Wii) and crafts for children of all ages. DVD players and a movie library donated by Hastings Music and Bookstores is also available.