Childbirth Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register with the hospital and what paperwork should I bring?

It is a two step process to register for Labor and Delivery.  At 32 weeks, you can either call 212-6284 to pre-register with the main hospital registration, or you can pre-register online here. You may also come in to the registration desk at the main entrance of the hospital.  You will need your driver’s license and insurance information for this step. 

At 36 weeks, call 212-2229 and schedule an appointment with a pre-admission nurse to sign all of the necessary paperwork for delivery. If your physician has provided you with a copy of your pre-natal records, you can bring those with you.  A tour of the unit can also be scheduled at that time.  

Valet parking at the front of the hospital is free. Please take the elevators after the stained glass window up to the 3rd floor. After exiting the elevator, turn to your left. There is a wooden stork sign hanging from the ceiling. Sign in on the clip board under the sign that says BSA BABY and proceed to the office marked with the BSA BABY sign.

What type of labor rooms are provided, are they private, and will I be moved after the delivery of my baby?

As BSA, we have all private, labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum rooms for vaginal deliveries.  So, you will stay in the same room that you delivered in.  For a cesarean delivery, you will be prepped for surgery in the labor and delivery area, then after your surgery, transferred to a private surgical room located in the beautiful rooms of the Ware Tower. 

Am I allowed to "room in" with my baby?

At BSA, we consider the "bonding process" as a very important stage in the development of a family centered environment. So, as long as mom and baby are doing well, we encourage "rooming in" to support that atmosphere.  However, the newborn nursery is always available when parents need a little rest prior to taking their newborn home. 

Is 24-hour anesthesia coverage available?

Yes.  We have board certified anesthesiologists available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What will I need to bring to the hospital for the birth of my child?

When you come to the hospital to pre-register for labor, a list of suggested items to bring for labor will be provided.

This is my first child and I do not know what to expect for labor, delivery and taking my newborn home from the hospital.  Do you have any classes or information that I can utilize to prepare myself?

Yes, we have Childbirth Education classes, Parent Boot Camps, Breastfeeding classes and support groups and Infant/Child CPR classes.  Sign up for classes by clicking here.  These classes are for first time moms/dads, or for moms/dads who just want a "refresher"

What is a good online resource for information related to pregnancy?

We recommend the March of Dimes - //