Diabetes Education

Diabetes: Overview and Injury Prevention

Diabetic OverviewA physician (endocrinologist) will discuss and review diabetes and answer questions.
Fall/Injury PreventionDiscuss tips to prevent injury. Learn how an active lifestyle including exercise can limit fall risk.

Diabetes: Medication and Sleep Study

How to Take Diabetic Medications – A pharmacist will explain how different diabetic medications work in your body, why they are so important for you and how to take them correctly.
Sleep Study – Learn about sleep studies and understand the importance of a good night's rest.

Diabetes: Foot Care and Stress Management

This session will cover issues related to Foot Care and Stress Management.

Diabetes: How to Eat Healthy and Eating on the Go

This is your chance to hear a dietitian speak about how you can eat well-balanced but fun meals even when you have diabetes. You can eat out or go to parties and still maintain your nutrition.

Diabetes: Eye Care and Exercise

How to Care for Your Eyes - An ophthalmologist will share with you how to care for your eyes.
How to Exercise Safely – A physical therapist will help you to understand the benefits of regular exercise and will give you some helpful hints concerning how you can incorporate exercise into your day as well as how to care for your feet properly.

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