Diagnostic Imaging

Technology and Services

BSA technology includes the new Dual Source CT, one of the most high-tech instruments available.  This system focuses on cardiac CT diagnosis.

The MRI department houses four magnets on campus, including a powerful 3.0 Tesla magnet and the highest field strength OPEN MRI available on the market.

The Nuclear Medicine department boasts four cameras with advanced techniques that help to lower the dose of radiation to all patients, especially pediatric patients.  BSA is also the only facility to accommodate patients up to 500 pounds with the ability to make the difficult scans easier on the patient.  This new equipment also houses a DVD player to help calm anxious patients.

Special procedures offer equipment with state-of-the-art vascular and 3D imaging.  The image quality is second to none, allowing for superior patient care.

The Ultrasound department has state-of-the-art ultrasound machines with highly trained personnel.

BSA also uses a chest X-ray on the leading edge of technology.  The dual energy chest X-ray has the potential to increase the chances of catching deformities in much earlier stages than ever before.

BSA is also one of the few facilities in Amarillo that offers moderate sedation for patients.  A specially trained team of nurses provide care for patients who are claustrophobic or who are undergoing an invasive or uncomfortable procedure.

PACS System

With PACS (picture archiving and communication system), images taken from our diagnostic equipment are digital and go straight to the computers to be reviewed. Because the radiologist can read the exam sooner, the patient can receive a diagnosis more quickly and the referring physician has the ability to review the image minutes after the scan.

Off-site Imaging Services

BSA Health System has a full-service Diagnostic Imaging Center on the Main Campus first floor of the Ware Tower. Additionally, BSA is pleased to offer the convenience of off-site imaging services through a partnership with Advanced Imaging of Amarillo at the following locations:

Advanced Imaging Center                    Open Air MRI

7010 W 9th Ave                                             7400 Wallace Blvd

806-212-8480                                                806-353-8333