BSA Prompt Pay Discount

BSA offers discounts for the prompt payment of charges for health services.  A prompt pay discount may be provided to patients and payers (like insurance companies) to reward payment at the time of service.  Please contact BSA to determine the terms of the discount and the amount of discount to which you may be entitled by calling (806) 212-6006 or (800) 535-3506.  It is important to note, that the prompt pay discount cannot be used in combination with any other offer or discount, such as health care insurance contractual adjustments, uninsured patient discounts, customer service adjustments and others.

Discounts for Uninsured Patients

In keeping with the mission and core values of BSA, patients who are uninsured will be treated fairly and with respect at all times, regardless of their ability to pay.

BSA offers discounts to the uninsured for medically necessary health services received here. The discount for uninsured patients allows us to provide them with prices that are similar to the prices we set for other groups including government and private payers. BSA provides this discount in order to ensure that uninsured patients receive quality medical care.

Uninsured patients who are unable to pay for all or a portion of their treatment may apply for financial assistance by talking with a representative in Admitting or Business Office. These representatives will first help you apply for government assistance if you are eligible. Enrolling in government programs is best, as they may help you improve your health by providing things like preventative care. Preventative care can help identify diseases and chronic conditions early, before they become unmanageable. To speak to a representative, please contact BSA Admitting at 806-212-5260.

BSA Financial Assistance Policy

The formula for BSA Financial Assistance is as follows. Application for financial assistance and proof of total family household income is required for all levels up to 401 percent of the federal poverty level.


Patient Family Income LevelPatient ObligationDiscount

 Up to 200% of poverty level

 No charge to patient (qualifies as charity care)

 100% (the entire patient cost is waived)

 201% to 250% of poverty level

 Patient is expected to pay 20% of list price in most cases

 80% discount off list price in most cases

 251% to 300% of poverty level

 Patient is expected to pay 40% of list price in most cases

 60% discount off list price in most cases

 301% to 350% of poverty level

 Patient is expected to pay 60% of list price in most cases

 40% discount off list price in most cases

 351% to 400% of poverty level

 Patient is expected to pay 80% of list price in most cases

 20% discount off list price in most cases

 Between 401% and above poverty level

 Patient is expected to pay 100% of list price

 No discount off of list price


Exclusions from discount policy

Patients whose treatment is covered by their insurance, including types of insurance that are government-sponsored like Medicare and Medicaid, are excluded. Patients who are covered by other "third party" sources of payment are excluded as well (like those who were involved in car wrecks and whose treatment will be paid by another party).

This policy excludes health care services that are not emergent, not medically necessary, are cosmetic, experimental, or part of a clinical research program. 

Charity Care

BSA also provides "charity" (free) care for qualified medically necessary services to patients whose family incomes are at or below 200 percent of applicable federal poverty guidelines.  In addition, patients with significant medical bills may be eligible for charity care.  To qualify for charity care, you will need to apply for financial assistance and provide proof of income.  Applications for financial assistance are available in the Admitting and Business Office.  You may call 806-212-2021 for assistance prior to receiving services or (806) 212-6006 or (800) 535-3506 if you have already received services.

This notice required by Texas Health & Safety Code Section 324.101.