Ethics Committee

What is the Ethics Committee?

The Ethics Committee is comprised of 16-20 members, who come from a variety of backgrounds, and are appointed by the CEO for three-year terms.

What does the Ethics Committee do?

The committee reviews, on request, ethical or moral questions that may come up during a patient's care.  The committee will provide education, consultations, and conflict management to address and seek resolution of ethical issues that may arise in the course of carrying out BSA's overall mission.

Who can Utilize the Ethics Committee? 

Any member of the staff, a patient, or a family member may request a consultation or a review.  The consultation will seek to clarify the conflict, analyze the issues, manage the conflict, if necessary, and bring a recommendation to the physician and family.

How do I contact the committee?

Dial "0" to speak to the operator or 212-2000 if you are outside the hospital.