Frequently Asked Questions About Surgery

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Question: How will I feel when I am ready for discharge?

Answer: Your postoperative recovery will depend upon your specific surgery, the type of anesthesia you received, and any medications you received for pain and/or nausea. Home readiness, rather than street fitness, is the goal after outpatient surgery. This means you are ready to be discharged home for further recuperation. It is common to feel sleepy, drowsy, or slightly nauseated for about 24 hours after a surgical procedure . It is recommended that someone be with you for the first 24 hours.

Question: Do I get to talk with my surgeon after the surgery?

Answer: The surgeon generally talks with your designated family/friend after the surgery.  Remember, you will have a post-op visit where you can talk with your surgeon.

Question: Where does my designated family/friend wait?

Answer: Family and /or friends will be instructed on the day of surgery where to wait.