Neonatal Intensive Care

Our Level III-certified Neonatal Intensive Care nursery cares for newborns who need highly specialized treatment, such as those who were delivered prematurely. Our team of neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, nurses, respiratory therapists, medical social workers, discharge planners and unit managers work collaboratively from delivery to discharge to ensure your baby gets the best care available.

Some of its features of our NICU include a high-frequency oscillating ventilator and a minimal stimulation room. After your baby is discharged, we continue to support you with referrals and consultations. We also have an annual NICU Reunion Party for all our babies that are discharged from our intensive care nursery.

Family-Centered Care

The staff in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has a strong philosophy of family-centered care. Parents are encouraged to participate in the care of their newborn by giving baths and providing Kangaroo Care, in which parents hold their baby skin-to-skin. This technique provides a feeling of closeness, while the parent’s stable body temperature helps to regulate the baby’s temperature.

NICU Parent Rooms

The Parent Rooms, located in the NICU, allows parents to "room in" with their newborn before taking their baby home the next day. This rooming in process allows the parents to become accustomed to listening for the alarms and monitors their baby may require at home. Parents are also given the opportunity to practice giving medications or treatments. Parental presence and participation is essential to an infant's progress. The Parent Rooms provides an avenue for the NICU team to give special attention to educating parents on how to care for their new babies, and what to expect as their child grows and develops.

NICU Reunion Christmas Party

The NICU Graduate Christmas Party will be Saturday, December 2, 2017 in the BSA Auditorium on the second floor. This event is for families who have had a patient in the BSA NICU. It is a come and go event from 4pm - 6pm. The NICU staff hopes you will be able to attend!