We foster an environment of family-centered care, but if you would like a break or want some undisturbed rest, your newborn nursery nurse will be happy to care for your baby in the newborn nursery just steps down the hall from your room.

Your baby will be cared for by experienced nurses who are certified in neonatal resuscitation and newborn critical care. The nurses are an excellent resource for you while you are in the hospital, and even after you leave, they are available to answer questions that may come up.  Our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident caring for your baby before you leave to go home.

The newborn nursery is equipped with a sophisticated infant abduction prevention system.  The safety of your baby is our number one concern.  From the moment your baby is born, our computer-monitored system tracks the location of your baby at all times.  If your baby were to be moved away from where he is expected to be, our staff is alerted immediately and doors and elevators are automatically locked down on the unit.

Our nursery nurses are also trained in the latest breastfeeding techniques to help you and your baby get a healthy start.

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