You and your doctor have decided that you need surgery.  To prepare you for your procedure, you'll need to go through Pre-Admission.

Pre-Admission is a 3 Step Process

  1. Schedule your pre-admission appointment at least 2 days, but not more than 7 days prior to your scheduled surgery date.  Appointments are scheduled to decrease your wait time during pre-admission.  Appointments are required.  Your appointment will last about 2 hours.

    Call our office at (806) 212-8888 to schedule your pre-admission visit. 
    We're open Monday- Friday 7:45am to 5:00pm, excluding holidays.
  2. Pre-register prior to coming to BSA for your pre-admission appointment.  We will be better able to assist you in your pre-admission process if you have been pre-registered in our computer system.  Pre-registering prior to pre-admission gives us the opportunity to verify your insurance benefits and provide you with an estimate of your financial responsibility prior to receiving services.

    Pre-Register by Phone by calling (806) 212-6284 or 1-800-234-5055.
    If no one is immediately available, you may hold or leave a message.  Someone will return your call.

    +Pre-Register Online by clicking on the link below
    Pre-Register Online
  3. Come prepared to your Pre-Admission appointment.

    What to Bring to the Pre-Admission Appointment 
    • Health Screening Questionnaire
    • Medication List
    • Copy of Living Will or Power of Attorney
    • Insurance Card(s)
    • Drivers License
    • Co-Pay or Patient Responsibility
      (Payment expected at time of service)
    • >Any paperwork from your doctor's office
    • Your medications
    It is essential that you bring all of the paperwork you received from your physician's office.  This paperwork includes the necessary orders and instructions for the testing you will need.  You do not need to be fasting for any testing done for pre-admission.

    Please bring your home medications in their original bottles.  This includes prescription, herbal and over-the counter medications.  This is important for us to get an accurate list of the medications you are currently taking.

    Payment is expected at the time of service, so please be prepared to pay any co-pays, deductibles and patient responsibility at the time of your pre-admit appointment. If you are unable to pay your estimated amount, your procedure may be rescheduled while financial arrangements can be made.  Our financial counselors will work with you to make payment arrangements, or determine if you are eligible for financial assistance or self-pay discounts.

    Please note: You can eat and take your medications as usual when you come to your pre-admission appointment, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

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