Pre-register now on MyChart at

Online pre-registration must be submitted at least two days prior to coming to the hospital for service. If there are less than 48 hours before your scheduled admission/procedure, please call (806) 212-6284 to pre-register by phone instead. Pre-registration for childbirth should be done at 32-34 weeks of pregnancy.

Online Pre-Registration will benefit you by:

  • Allowing us to communicate with your insurance company to verify benefits and eligibility, start pre-certification, obtain referrals and preauthorization if needed, and resolve any insurance concerns before your service date
  • Informing you of financial obligations beforehand so you can plan for the unexpected.
  • Providing us with information about yourself now can help save time in the future.

If you prefer, you may pre-register by telephone at (806) 212-6284 or 1-800-234-5055.

Pre-Registering for Childbirth

  • If you are pre-registering for childbirth, please use the "Register my Delivery" option in MyChart and choose BSA Hospital as the facility.
  • If you are interested in taking one of our Childbirth Education Classes, we suggest that you plan to do so 24 - 32 weeks into your pregnancy. Call (806) 212-BABY (2229) to register for a class.
  • When you are 34 - 36 weeks into your pregnancy, please call to schedule a pre-admit appointment and a tour of the Women's Center. Call (806) 212-BABY (2229) to schedule.

Please have the following information available when you Pre-Register:

  • Physician's name
  • Date and time of procedure, test or surgery
  • Description/name of procedure, test or surgery
  • Insurance cards


You will be responsible for deductibles and/or copayments at the time of service. BSA is considered a preferred provider for many insurance plans. If BSA is not your plan's preferred provider, you will be responsible for a higher copayment or percentage of your hospital charges for choosing a "non-network" hospital. It is your responsibility to confirm the preferred provider status of BSA with your insurance carrier.

Some insurance companies do require pre-certification and/or referral from your primary physician in advance of service. BSA recommends that you call the insurance company to verify that the pre-certifications and referrals have been completed. It is the responsibility of the patient, guarantor or patient's physician to notify or call the insurance company. Failure to gather pre-certification, physician referral or preauthorization may result in reduced payment or denial of benefits by insurance company.