Reviews for Robert Henry, P.A.


Robert Henry was the absolute best! Ordered tests, kept me informed. thorough examination. He was kind and compassionate, knowledgeable. I could not say enough good things-

   — Nancy Houston


Impressed and very grateful to have the help and professionalism of this doctor, his experience and his empathy for the pain and symptoms of his patients is enormous, his human quality speaks volumes about the fact that people still exist, so he stands out immediately in his attention, thank you very much Dr. Robert Henry

   — Blanca E. Tapia


The staff is always nice and knows their stuff. They’re all professional and will listen to you. I’ve been going here since for 20 years and will continue to do so.

   — Wonder Woman


BSA URGENT CARE 45Th abd Bell Robert Henry PA and whole Staff I had started having severe nose bleeds on February 3 and was getting harder to stop the bleeding so on Saturday evening my husband took me in they immediately took care of me. I was grateful to have their care and professional service. He explained what he was going to do and having a mental panic disorder he was very understanding because I was terrified of all the blood. Robert Henry and his staff were very caring and clean. He used silver nitrate and Carterized the bleed . He wrote me a antibiotic for my tooth that also was a problem until I could see my dentist. Excellent care. Received a call back after a question I had the next day as I was very upset during the process of it all. Was in and out in about a hour or less. Absolutely would recommend him I certainly will ask to see him again when my regular doctor isn’t available. Thank you

   — Ronna Nord


Dr. Robert Henery is the BEST!! Omg!! I have been looking for him. I have yet to find a doctor that even compares. 😭. I started with him at age 22 or 23. When he moved, I was 37. Can you come back to dfw area lol. I could have used your advice all this time. An my baby could have been seeing you as well. You guys are so lucky. He really is a awesome doctor.

   — Autumn Pender


As embarrassing as it is/was, they did a great job. Yes, I had an 8 lb frozen pork butt fall from the top of my freezer and land right on my foot. After a few choice words, I went to the urgent care. They kindly gave me a wheelchair to use while there. They did xrays. Nothing broken, but severely bruised bones, just as painful. They got me suited up and on my way. It is so incredibly fast compared to the ER. They are always my first stop. Thank you for being close and very available.

   — Billie Cole


I appreciate the staff at urgent care. They were all kind, fast, and helpful. I shut my leg in the door of my car. Robert Henry had to do 21 staples and a few stitches. I was scared he was wonderful. It look great I’m thankful for all of them.

   — Sharon Wingrove


Explained every step and made sure I was understanding and comfortable with all the questions and procedures.

   — C Shannon


Doctor Robert Henry is a real angel from haven he help my family many times he is so patient and a great doctor tankyou so much doctor for everything you do God bless you always

   — Silvia Figueroa


Robert and his team were a great help to my family! I can’t thank him enough for his expertise, guidance, care and authenticity. His passion for his work shows and my family and I are truly grateful for him and his team!

   — Johnny-Angel Hernandez


My had wife had to be admitted with a kidney infection.turned septis.. This was two days before a trip we had planned for two years. She was terribly upset. With the help of Dr. Flores & Dr. Barnhill & all the nurses, lab tech, She was discharged to make the trip. All is good with her the whole time we were gone! Thanks to all who had a hand in getting health restored. Everyone so kind & compassnate on the 8th floor.

   — Tony Thomas


I was very pleased with all the nurses I cam in contact with. The PA, mr Robert Henry, was very knowledgeable.

   — Jan Lane

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