Finding New Hope After Weight Loss Surgery

February 28, 2020

In 2012, Billie Layland’s life changed. Her health began to decline, including a weight gain she could not get rid of.

“I had many trials and errors of losing weight,” says Layland. “It just seems like the weight comes on and it does not come off. Physically, I was not doing well. I needed to take better care of myself. I tried so many different things.”

This led Leyland to consider bariatric surgery. Her brother had gone through the procedure years before and had seen great success. Seeing his transformation inspired Leyland to make her own transformation.

In May 2019, Layland underwent gastric bypass surgery. After the procedure, Layland was amazed by her lack of surgical site pain.

“I can remember I woke up and asked them if they were going to do my surgery. The nurse said we already did it,” Layland shared. “I did not have any pain so I could not believe they did the surgery.”

Recovery for Layland has been great. She loved the support of her BSA team and is a walking testament to the power of change.

“This is one surgery I would recommend for anybody considering it,” says Layland. “If people are saying that they want to have it done, I tell them they'd be doing themselves a favor.”

Layland went into surgery weighing 213 pounds. Less than a year later, she is 152 pounds. She has also seen improvements in her health including no longer needing blood pressure medication.

Now Layland is looking forward to living her new life.

“It's like I opened a book of my life on the day I had my surgery. Somebody turned on the light.”

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