The Ramos Family Can’t Stress Mammograms Enough

October 8, 2018

Six months after a routine mammogram, Louisa Ramos, 65, returned to BSA Harrington Cancer Center.

“The doctors saw some spots in my right breast but were not sure if it was cancer, so they told me to come back in six months,” said Louisa.

At her six-month appointment in March 2017, Louisa was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer and needed surgery and radiation.

“It was a scary feeling when I found out that I had cancer because I didn’t know what to expect,” said Louisa. This would be Louisa’s first time to have surgery, other than the birth of her two children.

“All I could think was that cancer was in my body and it scared me. Thank the Lord they caught it,” she said.

Although she found herself anxious for surgery, Louisa was appreciative of the support she received from both the BSA community and her family. “I had so much support, it was just awesome,” she shared. Louisa’s husband, children, sisters, brothers and nieces all came to the hospital to offer love and support.

Dr. Michael Lary with BSA Amarillo Surgical Group, performed two separate surgeries on Louisa to remove the cancer cells and several lymph nodes.

Louisa shared, “I don’t think Dr. Lary realizes how much I appreciate him. He was so caring and did a fantastic job on both of my surgeries.”

One month after surgery, Louisa began radiation treatments at BSA Harrington Cancer Center five days a week. “My husband, Rudy, was always there and the two of us made friends with other patients,” she shared. Louisa finished radiation in early August 2017.

Louisa and her husband are encouraging women to schedule their mammograms.

“Once you turn 40 you need to get a mammogram. No one had cancer in our family, but I started doing them when I turned 40 and I’ve had one ever since. I’ve lost friends to cancer. You never know when it could be your body next,” said Louisa.

Louisa appreciated every ounce of support she received every time she walked through the doors at BSA Harrington Cancer Center.

“Everyone at BSA Harrington is so friendly. It’s hard to explain but there is so much love there. Every person makes you feel important and that you’re the only patient. I would send anybody to BSA Harrington Cancer Center.”

To learn more about BSA Harrington Breast Center, please click here. To schedule a mammogram with BSA Harrington Breast Center, please call 806-356-1905.