Reviews for Ashley Roberts, FNP-C


He is probably the best doctor I have ever been to. Not only does he ask GI related questions but really investigates all other facets. I can't put into words how amazing he is. To give an example of his diligence, my parents went to him 15 years ago. He still remember them. Every time I go, he just remembers everything that was wrong and able to diagnose the best way possible without additional tests

   — Rheya R.


It is such a pleasure to meet a Doctor who actually takes his time and doesn't make you feel like he is in a rush. Dr. Gottesman took his time to explain everything needed and more. Very caring and personable.

   — Ian L.


Been seeing Dr. G for years. About to have my third screening colonoscopy by him. Always on time, staff is great, extremely thorough, nice guy.

   — Thomas H.

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