Reviews for Javier Dieguez, M.D.


I was very pleased with my appointment with Dr. Dieguez.

   — Jackie Dane


I have the highest respect for Dr. Dieguez and his staff. He goes over personally with each visit. A person can't go wrong trusting him on health concerns.

   — John Simms


I Love Dr.Dieguez and Heather Dr.Dieguez is the most caring doctor i have ever met in my LIFE! He explains everything to you where you understand and always takes the time that you need. Not another one like him. Heather always has that beautiful smile and you can tell she takes her job serious she's also there for you!

   — Sonnia Pruitt


I can not say enough good things about Dr. Deiguez He takes time to explain things well and does not rush you through the appointment. He answers all of your questions. He takes time to go over all your test and x-rays with you. He is kind and friendly. His nurse is nice and helpful as well. Dr. Dieguez is a wonderful doctor. I recommend him to anyone needing a pulmonologist.

   — Carol Henderson


No long waits! Tests done same day. Then reviewed with me. He explains everything so I easily understand.

   — LK


Extremely knowledgeable, listens and explains very good! Takes his time to make sure you understand! Excellent care! Extremely pleased with Him and very glad to be his patient!

   — Lind Moore


Dr Dieguez was a very friendly knowledgeable, and considerate Dr. He was concerned with my problem and listened. He was also very thorough! Thank you for your help!

   — Daniel Cundiff


A very good Dr who takes time with you & explains things thoroughly. Also compassionate

   — Marcia H.


So much nicer this time than last. No masks, employees were more relaxed and courteous .

   — Nancy Peace


Great doctor . Keeps me informed about my illness. Even if I don't like the news, I do appreciate the honesty and the no beating around the bush about it. Tells on a way that I know just what is going on👍👍👍. All of the staff there are kind ,helpful. But most of all are very professional.

   — Catfish Evans


Dr Dieguez is awesome as well as Heather, his nurse. He is so caring & takes time for you. He explains things thoroughly & he is very compassionate. I’m so thankful I ended up with Dr. Dieguez when I was referred to a pulmonologist. I have a difficult case and has given it his all. I just can’t say enough good about this doctor.

   — Marcia Hollingshead


Dr Dieguez and Heather are truly exceptional and nothing short of amazing. From the moment I entered the doors to the office, I felt welcomed, cared for, and completely at ease. He takes the time to listen to me, asks all the right questions and explains everything to me rather well to where I am not confused or left wondering what's next. They have gone above and beyond to be sure that my complete health and wellness have been made first priority and even though I have complicated health issues he has not given up on me and I am beyond thankful to and for him. Dr Dieguez, you truly are a Godsend!!!

   — Roxann Hernandez


Dr. Diéguez fully explained the results of a medical scan and ruled out other conditions with a breathing test. I have a follow up appointment and a second scan in January.

   — Kay Craighead


I can not say enough good things about this doctor. He takes time to explain things well and does not rush you through the appointment. He answers all of your questions. He is kind and friendly. His nurse is nice and helpful as well. Overall excellent experience. I feel fortunate that Dr. Dieguez is my doctor.

   — Brandi Sanderson


Dr. Diegues is top shelf. I like the way he reviews all the CT-scan and X-ray films with me and points out what is there and what in not there. I recommend him. He has my complete trust.

   — Joe Rinella


Dr Dieguez is very thorough & answers questions in clear detail where its understood. Nurse is quick to answer phone messages & is very helpful.



Dr. Dieguez is a Great Doctor. Well versed. Is very good at explaining. My big problem is with the time between tests (PFT) and seeing the Doctor. 2 1/2 hours ??? My appointment for PFT is 11:00 am (10:45 ck in) and see the Doctor at 1:45 pm (1:30 ck in) I gave 4 stars because of the appointment time.



Very good. Explains to where you can understand.

   — Doug


Was well pleased

   — Doris Jean Foster


It was all i expected

   — Alan Alexander


DR. Dieguez takes time to listen to me and is very thorough. He explains the treatments he recommends very well. I feel fortunate to have him as my pulmonologist.

   — Harvey Watson


The only thing i did not like was it took too long for nurse to give me a call about appointments or results. I had to call them more than once to get information.

   — Robin Mitchell


First pulmonologist I’ve ever had and he is very thorough and listens well. I highly recommend him.

   — Chad


Dr. Dieguez took the results from my echocardiogram and did an excellent job, in terms I could understand, of explaining the meaning and consequences of those results. He also, immediately, made an appointment for me to do the next steps necessary. He is personable, friendly, knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend him.

   — Erich Drochner


The only doctor that spends quality time with me and is genuinely interested in my problems and progress. He even called my insurance to see why they would not cover my medication and weeks later they began covering it.

   — Buddy Squyres


My husband saw him when they thought he had a mass in his lungs. He was so helpful and took time to explain everything that was going on during this very scary experience. I was so heartbroken when he moved away to TX. He is by far the BEST doctor we had during this time and truly cares about his patients!

   — Priscilla Broussard


Am very happy with Dr Dieguez he is very professional and caring. I like that he cares about my health. Only i just cant afford Symbacort that he prescribed so didnt get it. But i am satisfiedvwith him

   — Lupita Randon


I was referred to Dr Dieguez by my Amarillo cardiologist and was very pleased with our initial visit. He took time to explain each step I would go through and explained how COPD could be diagnose. I was very happy to learn from him that this was not a concern for me. He and his staff were very welcoming and calming. Each explained everything to me and to my family and took time to answer all our questions. I will recommend him to anyone need a pulmonologist.

   — Opal M


Dr. Dieguez was referred to me by my Amarillo cardiologist a few years back, and from the very beginning Dr. Dieguez has fulfilled all of my pulmonary care needs in an above excellent manner. He is professional, but friendly and approachable. At every appointment he solicits in-depth discussions about my overall physical well being. He is a life-saver, and I don't know how I got along without him earlier.

   — AmaTexCliff


He is the best that has happened to my husband Francisco leal

   — Francisco Leal


He really safe my liefe

   — Eva Ochoa

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