Reviews for Joanna Wilson, D.O.


She is very nice doctor.

   — Saimul Islam


She is great. I like someone that cuts to the chase and listens to what I consider a problem for me.

   — Nuner Anita


Dr. Wilson takes the time to listen to your concerns. She is genuinely interested in my well being

   — Mary York


Dr. Joanna Wilson is a fantastic and thorough doctor. She listens to issues that I have and immediately begins to offer solutions. Sometimes the solution is medication, but often times the answer includes diet and exercise tips and physical therapy type exercises that can be found on YouTube. I always leave her office feeling like I have been heard.

   — Shelley Hulsey


Dr Wilson has been my Dr for a few years now. She is very thorough and pays attention to the whole person. I couldn't ask for a better Dr and she's a nice person also.

   — Denise Pippin


I have seen Dr Joanna Wilson for several years now, and I am very happy with my care and treatment that I received. She is very thorough, that the other dr had missed. She treated me like a friend, not as a commodity. A lot of my co-workers have her as a PCP. I highly recommend her to my family and friends. Or to everyone

   — J.E.


Dr. Wilson is amazing. She really listens to what you say. I would recommend her to anyone

   — Debbie Acord


Dr. Wilson is the best!

   — Amy Platter


I’ve depended on Dr. Wilson for many years for exceptional medical care. She never disappoints.As I’ve gotten older she has been wonderful coordinating care with other specialists.

   — Kay Craighead


I’m Terry Brim, not Carroll. Terry Brim is Dr. Wilson’s patient. Dr. Wilson is a very good Dr. or I wouldn’t keep going back. Very “on top” of every health issue I have ever had, in her care.

   — Carroll Brim


BEST DR. EVER!!! I am never rushed in and out.She listens to me.Smoked for 30 years,she helped me quit.Smoke free 4 years. I work in the medical field and appreciate all that she does.She is awesome.

   — Kathryn Romero


Dr Wilson is a superb Doctor. She is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of women’s health. I totally trust her. She is so caring about her patients. I absolutely love her!!!!!

   — Rebecca Bernaud


Doctor Wilson has been my primary care physician for several years. She always takes time to listen and genuinely cares for my health and well being! She’s easy to talk to and has a cheerful demeanor that makes seeing the doctor a great experience! She deserves more than just 5 stars!

   — Kelly Willmon


I always trust Dr Wilson. She has really ever steered me wrong. Freedom to talk to her about anything has given me full trust in her abilities. My visit told me I had some tests to take. After completing each test, I’m awaiting the results. Dr Wilson, it’s always a pleasure seeing you in person.😎😍

   — Rebecca Smith


Dr. Wilson is patient and explains things thoroughly. She listens to me and takes my thoughts into account when WE choose treatment options. She always has some non-drug-based ideas, such as Tai Chi, Posture Makeover, diet improvements when it comes to dealing with the aches and pains of getting older as well as my health issues. The best thing, she has a sense of humor.

   — Wendy


Dr. Wilson truly listens to your concerns, you can ask her anything and she explains things in terms you understand. I would not go to anyone else!

   — Daphne


She has helped me alot concerning several issues I've been dealing with. Very satisfied with my care.

   — Dora Lemons


Dr. Wilson always explains conditions and treatment options very well. I feel very confident in her diagnosis and appreciate her ability to communicate.

   — Cathy Clark


Dr. JoAnn Wilson is a phenomenal doctor! She really listens to her patients, takes her time with every patient, never rushing a visit. She’s thorough and detailed in her care and approaches every patient on every visit as though that patient is the most important person in the world. She truly cares about the health and well-being of her patients. I have been Dr. Wilson’s patient for many years and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

   — Aleacia Apodaca


Dr. Wilson is a very well versed doctor that seems to know what and what not she can help with in a diagnosis. I trust her judgement and highly recommend her. Her help with what my needs are beyond expectations.

   — Wanda Forrester-Janice


I always look forward to my checkup with Dr. Joanna Wilson. She is such a cute "girl" and she really knows her "stuff." Thanks to her, I feel a great deal better than I did the first time I saw her four years ago.

   — Betty Reeves


Dr. Wilson listened to me about my physical needs and worked with me to reach a remedy. I appreciate her recognizing that patients know their bodies and works with them to meet existing needs, immediate and long term.

   — Maxine


Dr. Wilson is very east to talk to, explains her feelings in detail, makes me very comfortable during office visits. She is very knowledgeable and professional.

   — Magali Kelley


I always appreciate the time Dr. Wilson takes to visit with me. She is great about pulling up information on the computer to help explain to me a condition, issue, etc. I so appreciate her!

   — Jill Savoini


Dr. Wilson is always attentive to my questions and answers in a respectful way. She’s been my doctor for over 10 years.

   — Kay Craighead


Dr. Wilson is the best Provider I've ever seen. She been essential to my care for complicated conditions. Her ability in explaining issues versus just prescribing medication has been critical to my well being. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a provider.

   — Doreen Coburn


The tela visit was anything but acceptable. I checked in and was processed. I was told I was second in line and it would be a few minutes. After waiting for over an hour, I called the clinic and was told that there was no one in the tela visit area. I was not happy. Someone should have called me when it was realized I had been forgotten. They didn’t realize it until I called. So Dr Wilson called and the visit was over the phone.

   — Margaret Ries


Dr. Wilson is a problem solver. She offers multiple ways of improving any issues that I have. It is refreshing to visit with a doctor who gets me involved in my own health improvement instead of just handing me a prescription. I always leave with some type of homework.

   — Shelley


Dr Wilson has been my physcian for several years. She is too not quality. Totally have faith in her skill and knowledge. Very reassuring as I have horrible anxiety issues

   — Donna Clayton


One of the most intelligent doctors I have ever seen. Also, has the great trait of actually caring what her patient is saying and taking time to do some problem-solving and thinking outside the box. And while I’m at it, let me say the NP, Ashley, she is outstanding, too.

   — Debra S


I love Dr. Wilson! She is always willing to listen, shows concern, and is thorough. I highly recommend her services!

   — Teresa Lynne Allen


Always knowledgeable and courteous with useful healthy tips and information on my disease processes.

   — Marge Dean


Dr. Wilson is amazing! She’s genuine, she takes her time with me on each and every visit, never rushing. She’s very thorough and always treats all of my concerns with the utmost respect and attention. I am so thankful she’s my doctor!

   — Aleacia Apodaca


I consider myself quite a choosy consumer when it comes to provider selection, as I believe in advocating for my healthcare in positive partnership with a provider. It is my pleasure to say that from my very first visit with Joanna Wilson, D.O., that I am very impressed with her, her staff, and Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic as a whole. Kudos and all the best to Dr. Wilson and all at ADC!

   — Heather Watson, M.A., LPC-S


Very thorough. Listens. Explains.

   — Christina


Recent visit was excellent. She seems to cover all bases with some I had not even thought of before. She is very thorough. I highly recommend her for those seeking a new physician.

   — Wanda Forrester-Janice


Doctor Wilson is an amazingly thorough and knowledgeable health care doctor. You know she wants the best for you.

   — Dorothy Deichert


Dr. Wilson is caring and knowledgable; she keeps current with the newest treatments for her patients. I'm very glad that I am her patient. When necessary, she is willing to send me to a specialist (once) or a therapist (once). She has helped me with numerous ailments and sensivtive issues including diet, fibromyalgia, herpies, interstitial cystitis (bladder issues), menopause, recovery from a fall (twice), and sexual issues. Additionally, she is a beautiful, young woman.

   — BMR


I love everything about Amarillo Diagnostics! I see three doctors there and they are all very good! They take good care of me! It is easy to set up an appointment but often time they are in such high demand you may have to wait a bit to get in.

   — Debra Rogers


I feel very fortunate that Dr. Wilson is my primary care physician. She is always enthusiastic and helpful, responding to my questions and making the necessary inquiries involving my health. I have every confidence in the validity of her directions and suggestions. As I leave my annual appointment with Dr. Wilson, I feel that I had had not only a really good and thorough visit with my physician but also a visit with a friend.

   — Dorothy Patterson


I was a patient of Dr. Bruce Baker for 23 years and was devastated when he passed. The thoughts of finding another doctor was daunting. Someone mentioned Dr. Wilson and am I glad they did. I called one day to see if she was taking new patients, and got a call back the same day with an appointment. She was so sensitive to my loss, and had briefed herself with my medical history before entering the exam room. Her first question was "what are your concerns". She made me feel as though I was her only patient. I never felt rushed. I have been seeing Dr. Wilson for a year now, and I still feel as though I'm her only patient. I'm 80 years old and lucky to have a physician who is as compassionate and knowledgeable as Dr. Wilson.

   — Rosemarie Kirkland


Dr. Wilson is a great doctor. She is very caring and very attentive to any questions I might have. She encourages gently while giving advice for ways to enhance taking care of my own health. I completely trust her and recommend Dr. Wilson.

   — Becky Carruthers


I trust her implicitly

   — Jan Droegemeier


Consistently, makes you feel you are HER only patient. Never makes you feel like a number. Explains all lab work, changes of medication, and takes time for random questions. She obviously reviews your past visit before she comes- she asks how ie., your new job? Etc. Dr. Wilson understands women! I am proud to say she is MY doctor.

   — Cheryl King


Dr. Wilson is very thorough with every visit. She never makes me feel rushed, offers practical advice, and I always leave with practical recommendations and some homework!

   — Shelley


The entire front office is very welcoming - from the receptionist to the lab techs, and finally the insurance checkout. Once, you are in the room, the nurse is very kind and not in a rush to sit you down. This was my first exam and consult with Dr. Wilson and she answered every question as she assessed each symptom. She genuinely was interested in my overall health and what I could do to live life fully in my late 50’s. I definitely recommend Dr. Wilson and the BSA diagnostic Clinic.

   — PF


I have seen Dr WILSON for 2 years. She has helped me manage my Diabetes; helped me make genetic testing decisions and get my vaccinations. She is very personable and knowledgeable in health care practices.

   — TopazPossum


I went to Dr. Wilson with a list of issues after having difficulties achieving results with other doctors. She listens! She was honest about my condition, explained the process of treatment well, and gave me the ability to make the best decision for myself. My only complaint, I moved to another state. I will definitely go back to Dr. Wilson if I move back.

   — Orcagirl18


Very understanding!! Very update on my usually adipose condition!! Highly recommend!!

   — Marie Anderson


I love going to Joanna Wilson she takes the time to hear what u have going on in your life and all that is wrong . She explains everything that she thinks needs to b done and what procedure she thinks is right for u. I have referred her to many of my friends and some strangers.

   — Terri Mix


She spent a long time talking to me, explaining diseases, options for treatment then helped me choose the most conservative treatment plan.

   — Amarillo, TX


She takes time to listen.

   — Mel

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