Reviews for Marilyn Miller, MSN-RN, FNP-C


I really thought a lot about Dr. Beggs P.A. She truly cared about my need’s. Thanks

   — Jerry Overbey


Very caring doctors at Amarillo Diagnostics. The front office staff are very nice.

   — Brenda Mullins


Doctor Miller is the absolute BEST! I love that she takes time to tell you the good the bad and she listens to you! And in my case she didn’t shame me for my down falls! I didn’t have a great experience at the BSA hospital but I certainly feel better about being with Doctor Miller

   — Marsha Tebbetts


Really like Ms. Miller! She listens and answers all of my questions with a great "bedside manner".

   — Sandra Henderson


I just saw Marilyn Miller and was very happy with her attention to every thing.

   — Dianne Brown


I have seen Marilyn Miller several times at Harrington Cancer Center. I tend to be a little on edge when I have appointments at the cancer center. Marilyn does a wonderful job of making me feel less stressed and has a special way to help keep me calm while remaining professional and effecient.

   — Melodie Kelp


I found Marilyn to be quite the professional. She was very thorough in her exam. She is exceptional in putting me at ease and and answering questions I had. She is one of BSA’s best asset.

   — Ginny Albertson


Marilyn is very good always look forward to seeing her.She ie friendly and take time to go over everything with you.I like her very much.

   — Janice Mae Robertson


Marilyn Miller and Karen made every difference in my 6 month follow up in the absence of Dr Brian Pruitt. They not only provided an excellent medical exam, but also addressed the concerns that speaks to the journey of someone that has had breast cancer and treatment. I’m so glad that I was able to do my follow up with Marilyn.

   — Kate B


I have been working with my BSA Medical Team, led by Dr. Zorsky, Hematologist, and assisted by his excellent staff of nurse practitioners. Because of them, I am. More educated on my food Diet, blood work concerns, my general medical condition, and our successful battle with Myeloma Cancer. I can not be more pleased. I have asked for and promptly received answers to my questions. The Medical treatments have been extremely effective. My continued grateful thanks to Dr. Z and his entire staff. Pastor James 'Pete' Weist

   — James Weist


Marilyn is very thorough with all the blood work explains everything and is willing to answer any questions

   — Danny


Marilyn Miller has served as a support staff person to Dr. Paul Zorsky in my diagnosis and treatment for leukemia since January, 2020. One of the greatest strengths of Marilyn is her quick perception of the patient needs in addressing the medical conditions faced. Relationships are quickly established and a warm resolve is felt by the patient. Confidence in making recommendations are easily received with a positive patient/medical practitioner relationship has been established. 2020 will be an interesting year for historians to summarize the events of the year. Coronavirus has forced the wearing of masks for a control measure for the spread of the disease. Wearing of the mask disguises the facial expression of an individual's mood. Is a person happy, sad, or angry? It is very clear that Marilyn has love in her heart from the first words heard from her mouth. Beneath the mask she wears is a complimentary smile. Beyond any reasonable doubt, Marilyn would compliment assistance to any physician.

   — Recipient Of Excellent Care

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