Reviews for Sam Kirkendall, M.D.


Dr. Kirkendall is extremely dedicated and professional. Everything was explained to me about my surgery. He exudes confidence and was so easy to talk with and answered all questions . Highly recommended.

   — James Griffin


Dr.Kirkendall was very professional, and thorough in explaining my colon surgical procedure in all aspects. He was very attentive, and conservative in how he immediately addressed a complication inherent in the procedure. I felt very confident with his surgical and personal communication skills. Camille McConnell

   — Camille Mcconnell


All personnel I have come into contact with have been very helpful and courteous. Doctor Kirkendall was extremely knowledgeable, explained everything very well, and made me feel very confident.

   — Penny Zavala


Dr. Kirkendall was very nice and professional. It was a pleasure to meet him and I felt confident that he had my best interest at heart and saw me as a person, not just a number.

   — Andrew


Dr. Kirkendall was very nice to meet and was very caring and professional throughout the visit. I felt like he cared about me as a person, not just a number.

   — Andrew


Very happy , Dr took time to explain everything, so we knew what to expect, in our forward process!

   — Hope Moore


Dr. is very nice, I was very impressed with his kindness and he was very thorough describing the procedure. He did not rush through the appointment or seem in a big hurry. Some Drs seem very rushed, uninformed about your chart information but not Dr. Kirkendall. However, he has one staff at the front desk who is rather a smart-mouth and I find her p.R. skills very lacking. She did act as if she thought she was better and talked over me while I was speaking. I left a magazine there and when I CALLED THEM to save it for me they said they would. It took me a while to go get it as I live in Borger and don't go to Amarillo often. She threw it away before I got there. She told me "we are not babysitters" well, I did NOT leave my children!! A magazine requires no maintenance and it was a 20.00 magazine. I didn't mind so much it having been discarded as I did with her attitude. Even though I have insurance, it's my money that will help pay her salary!!

   — Shelly Vanderburg


Great experience!! First surgery I have ever had and he was awesome !! Thanks

   — Brook


I had a very good experience with him as my surgeon. I would highly recommend.

   — Kimberly Maxwell


Best Dr. I have ever used. This dude is the real deal. He got me in and got my dead appendix out in record time! He maintains professionalism and is highly geared towards your comfort and needs. 10 out of 10.

   — Jacob Jones


Dr. Kirkendall and his staff are very professional, caring, extremely dedicated to tacking care of their patients . I would highly recommend them to anyone.

   — Rick Boling


Dr. Kirkendall is great! He is very detailed and explains everything very well. He is also positive and takes his time at my doctor appointments. Wonderful!

   — Adriana Stowers


Was very impressed by Dr Kirkendall He was very thorough and wasn’t in a hurry. He’s taking out my gallbladder Friday Wish us both lots of luck

   — Sharon Lemond


Sam Kirkendall Is a really great Dr. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to have him as their MD. He’s very patient, very knowledgeable, I like how he gets straight to the point. He’s quick and very respectful. The day I met him for the first time I already had this sense of trust in him. Again. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr.Kirkendall to anyone. 5 stars is underrated.



Very kind, considerate, and highly professional. I came in for a consultation (I thought), but he performed the surgical procedure in less than an hour. I highly recommend him and will go back to him should the need arise.

   — Sally Gaines


Very professional, explained the procedure in a clear manner, and exceeded my expectations .

   — Shane


3rd time I've seen Dr. Kirkendall for surgical procedures. He is immensely talented and remembers you from the moment he walks in the door. I trust what he has to say and follow his suggestions. He's upfront and his staff is just as honest. If it involves surgery and I have a choice, it will be Kirkendall everytime.

   — Christopher LeMaster


Dr. Kirkendall and his team at BSA were wonderful with my son, who has non-verbal autism spectrum dx. They were kind and considerate of his special needs and made accommodations for his procedure to go as smooth as possible. Thank you all so much??

   — Alanna Hepler


Dr. Kirkendall has an amazing ability to make his patient feel at ease when faced with major surgery. He explains every part of the procedure and answers all questions thoroughly, never making us feel rushed. We feel so blessed to have him as our surgeon.

   — Larry R


Dr. Kirkendall is fantastic! Excellent surgeon with a great bedside manner! He communicates well and takes his time when visiting with you. I had to have emergency surgery during the COVID-19 outbreak. He did a wonderful job easing my nerves. My surgery went great and I have recovered quickly.

   — Sarah Cline


Excellent Doctor...very nice person as wrll

   — Cary Gee


I had had 3 cat scans and colonoscopy to determine my severe abdominal pain. After examining these tests Dr. Kirkendall said it would be ussless to do a labortory procedure because we wouldn't fine anytihng. He said that I had IBS. I also had some non malignant cists which were also causing pain in the stomach. He removed them also.

   — Atila Runyan


I have only had a consultation visit so far, but I was amazed at how kind and warm Dr. Kirkendall was. His nurse and office staff were friendly and kind too. I've had many doctor experiences, especially lately, and this was the best.

   — Andrea


I was informed when I arrived for my appointment that Dr Kirkendall had emergency surgery and would be late. I waited about 45 minutes then was called to the back. The nurse checked me in and the doctor came in immediately after. In spite of him running behind, he took his time and did an unhurried exam and let me ask all the questions I had. He was unhurried and nice. I appreciate that.

   — Becky Irvine

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