Our Team of Highly Trained Audiologists

At BSA Physicians Hearing Center, our team of highly trained audiologists work with BSA Panhandle Ear, Nose and Throat Otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat physicians) to evaluate the root cause of your hearing loss and determine which treatment plan is best for you.

Our audiologists have more than 20 years of combined experience. They have doctoral degrees in audiology and are licensed specialists in the evaluation and non-medical treatment of hearing loss.

Our team helps patients with a wide range of hearing services, including:

  • Analysis of the ear drum and middle ear function
  • Comprehensive hearing evaluation in an enclosed sound booth of all ages including infants
  • Custom ear plugs and hearing protection
  • Hearing aid accessories and batteries
  • Hearing aid checks, adjustment and servicing
  • Hearing aid evaluation and dispensing for patients with identified hearing problems


Hearing Evaluations

Hearing evaluations for adults are done in an enclosed, soundproof booth with calibrated audiometric equipment to ensure accurate results. Most include a measure of speech perception and understanding, as well as air and bone thresholds, which allows us to assess your hearing issues more thoroughly. Infants up to the age of three are tested using behavioral observation in a sound field. Most children ages four and up are tested using headphones.

Testing may reveal one of three types of hearing loss:

  • Nerve hearing loss which is primarily due to damage of the inner ear and hearing nerve. Typically, hearing aids are considered to be the best treatment for this type of hearing loss.
  • Conductive hearing loss is due primarily to damage at the eardrum, the middle ear bones or fluid in the middle ear. These types of hearing loss are often medically treatable.
  • Mixed hearing losses are an overlay of nerve and conductive problems.


Hearing Aids

Depending on the cause and degree of your hearing loss, our audiologists will determine whether hearing aids are the right choice for you. If you require a hearing aid, we offer a wide variety of styles, systems, price ranges and manufacturers. We offer a 45-day trial on all hearing aids.

Hearing aid styles can range in size from completely-in-the-canal to behind-the-ear. The most widely fitted and sophisticated circuit available today is the digital circuit, which offers more accurate fitting, more control over feedback, directional microphones and automatic adjustment of volume throughout the day. Programmable analog circuits are also available.

The style and features of hearing aids you receive will be based on:

  • Any presentable limitations
  • Dexterity
  • The characteristics of your hearing loss
  • Your budget
  • Your cosmetic and style preferences
  • Your level of activity
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your physical characteristics


Custom Ear Plugs and Hearing Protection

Custom swim plugs are available for patients with chronic ear infections, damaged ear drums or PE tubes who need to keep their ears dry.

Custom noise protectors can be made for hunters, shooters, motorcyclists, musicians and anyone who is exposed to loud noise or machinery. 

Sleep plugs can be made if you have trouble sleeping because of outside noise or snoring.

Custom earphones can be made for use with telephones, personal music players, stage monitors and headsets.

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