BSA Offers Turndown Service To Patients

July 20, 2017

The BSA Environmental Services department launched their Turndown Service last year for patients and has received great feedback ever since. The Turndown Service takes place for each patient between 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. and includes restocking of any supplies, sprucing up the room, shutting the blinds, checking water levels, making sure the patient is comfortable and more.

“Each room is cleaned every 24 hours, but this service gives us the opportunity to check on the patient and their room every 12 hours and even more often as requested,” shares Justin Lewis, Director of Environmental Services. “The first room cleaning takes place before noon, and the Turndown Service happens in the evenings.”

Since this program was launched last August, Justin says they have received tremendous response to it. “I would say three-quarters of the comment cards we receive talk about the Turndown Service and how much our patients enjoyed it and how, if they return, they want certain folks to come see them again. We have people calling us and requesting Turndown ambassadors almost weekly.”

An extension of the Turndown Service is the Patient Experience Cleaning Program. This program includes six ambassadors who visit with each patient the same day they are admitted and every day they are in the hospital. “The patients love it!” says Justin. “Our ambassadors are very talented. They are people who will laugh, cry and even sing with the patient and check to see if there is anything they need.” 

When a Patient Experience ambassador visits with a patient for the first time they give them an excellence kit, which includes BSA music ear buds, noise canceling ear buds, an eye mask, crayons, a brain teaser and a pamphlet on how to stay positive and sleep well. “They also go over what to expect during their stay in the hospital and make any notes if the patient has special requests or wants their room cleaned more often,” says Justin.

"Our ambassadors help make sure our patients have the best experience possible and team up with the nursing staff to provide any non-medical needs. I want each of our patients to know they have someone else who cares.”

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