Hernias Happen – BSA Can Help

June 27, 2019

A hernia occurs when there is a weakness or hole in the muscle wall, allowing a bulge of tissue to protrude through the muscle.

The symptoms of a hernia may include a dull ache, feeling of weakness, heaviness, pressure or a burning sensation in the abdomen, groin or scrotum. A soft bulge may develop, typically getting worse as the day goes on.

The most common types of hernias are inner groin, outer groin, belly button, surgical scar site and upper stomach. Inner groin hernias are the most common type of hernia, and account for 75% of abdominal wall hernias.

The only way to repair a hernia is through surgery. Dr. Sam Kirkendall with Amarillo Surgical Group offers a minimally-invasive approach to hernia repair, utilizing the da Vinci Xi surgical robot. Patients can expect less pain, shorter hospitalization and quicker recovery. A physician referral is required.

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