Neonatal Nurse Celebrates 20 Years at BSA

November 26, 2019

As we continue to honor Prematurity Awareness Month, BSA would like to recognize Diana Hanna, RN, for 20 years of dedicated service to BSA’s Level III-designated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

As a neonatal nurse for more than 30 years, Hanna’s career has always been driven by her passion for helping infants.

“I love babies and want to help them get better,” Hanna said. “My sister-in-law was a neonatal nurse before I was, and I loved her stories about helping premature babies.”

According to Hanna, providing care to infants and their families offers benefits beyond the fulfilling job of patient care.

“As a neonatal nurse, you don’t just care for babies, you care for their parents too,” Hanna explained. “It is so rewarding to see our patients thrive and overcome their obstacles. Helping babies get stronger and watching them go home with their parents is so rewarding.”

BSA Health System proudly supports Prematurity Awareness Month as an opportunity to reflect on the seriousness of premature birth.

“Prematurity Month brings awareness to premature births, complications of prematurity and all the families effected by having a premature infant,” Hanna shared. Together, we can raise awareness for all of the babies born too soon.

Thank you, Diana, for your service and dedication to our smallest patients and their families!

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