Retired Couple Embraces Lifetime of Service as Volunteers at BSA

April 9, 2014

Bill and Sandra Hanna spend their Tuesday and Thursday mornings at BSA in the surgery waiting area. They are enjoying their retirement years, doing what they enjoyed professionally, although they did not work in health care. “We spent 40 years working with people,” shares Bill. “I worked in law enforcement and my wife retired from the restaurant industry.”  

It is a calling that started when Bill was still working in law enforcement. He came by the hospital for work, when a sharp-dressed man caught his attention. “He looked so happy in his starched shirt working in patient transport,” Bill recalls. They struck up a conversation and that’s when Bill learned the man was a volunteer for BSA. “It was a good impression of volunteering.”

From that moment on, Bill knew as soon as he retired, he would apply to be a volunteer at BSA. “I enjoy the interaction with employees and guests in the hospital.” After volunteering for a year, Bill’s wife, Sandra, joined him. “We work together really well, even though we’re married (Bill says jokingly).”

In surgery waiting, Bill and Sandra face loved ones, who are often anxious and a little uneasy during the time they are waiting for information from the doctor. Having served others throughout their professional lives, this is a perfect role for both. “We try and relax them and make them feel at home and ease their minds a little bit,” Bill adds.

“It’s giving back to the community,” says Bill of their time as volunteers at a hospital they truly enjoy. “This is very rewarding. BSA is a wonderful hospital – it’s a huge family.” 

To learn more about volunteering at BSA, please contact Nicole Bounsing at 806-212-5404 or