Texas Nurses Association Honors Eight BSA Nurses

November 2, 2018

BSA Health System is proud to announce eight BSA nurses have been recognized in the third annual Panhandle Great 25 Nurses list by the Texas Nurse Association for excellence in nursing. Nurses were chosen by their peers in the community.

“Their commitment to the health and healing of others is an invaluable service for BSA and our community,” said BSA Chief Nursing Officer Belinda Gibson, RN, BSN, MAM. “I am proud to work alongside these extraordinary role models.”

The Panhandle Great 25 Nurses is an opportunity to, “recognize registered nurses from all practice areas for their contributions to the communities in which they live and practice both the art and science of nursing.”

Tony Badillo, RN, has been with BSA for five years and is proud to provide care as a nurse. “I wanted to go into nursing when I graduated high school 33 years ago, but at that time it wasn’t a profession many men went into, so I took another path,” shared Tony. “I fulfilled my dream 28 years later and now work among an amazing, diverse group of nurses.”

After serving 20 years in another emergency department, Melanie Allen, RN, was looking for a change. She found her niche in the BSA Cath Lab. “BSA is my work home. BSA provides me with a strong group of peers who give support for our patients and their families,” Allen shared. “My favorite part of nursing has always been the ability to choose from many areas of care.”

Working with other nurses recognized for this achievement has always been an honor for Christine Brewer, RN, who has worked at BSA since 1988. “It’s incredible to be included in the same group as them,” she said. “BSA nurses are passionate about providing great patient care and support for each other.”

For Shirley Collins, RN, BSN, a new leadership opportunity led her to BSA in 2016. Collins is the Director of the BSA Medical Surgical Unit. Shirley says her favorite aspect of her job is working with her staff and watching them grow their skills. “I am proud of the staff I have been able to work with through the years,” she shared. “I have watched them become licensed registered nurses, certified registered nursing assistants, nurse practitioners and physicians. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to know that I played a part in their development.”

Misti Moore, RN,BSN began her career at BSA 20 years ago and is now the Director of the BSA Cardiac Cath Lab Department. “I have been blessed to work with some truly outstanding individuals since I started my nursing career at BSA 20 years ago,” she said. “The friendly team work and family atmosphere here is unmeasurable. Each patient, family member and colleague has helped to develop me into the nurse I am today. I am humbled and honored that some of the hard work I have put into my passion for nursing through the years is being acknowledged in such a prestigious way.”

Jessica Welch, BSN, RN, came to BSA seven years ago and is thrilled to be a part of the BSA family. “There are so many great things about BSA: the people, the mission, the environment and atmosphere, the patients and the cafeteria!”

Director of the BSA Risk Management & Medical Staff departments, Darla Caldwell, RN, BSN, CPPS, has always been driven by her passion for patient safety and her desire to improve patient care. She has been with BSA for 27 years. “This award is a reflection of my mentors and co-workers who have taught me to focus on the patient above all else,” she shared. “BSA nurses have a passion for taking excellent care of our patients!”

As the Manager of the BSA Inpatient Clinical Informatics Department, Jay Griggs, RN, says that nursing allows him to connect with the patient during their most vulnerable times. “For those who do not have extended families, the nurse becomes that extension to them,” he shared. “Every person someone comes into contact with at BSA is going to exude a compassionate atmosphere.”

Recipients were honored at The Great 25 Panhandle Nurses event on October 9.

BSA is a Great Place to Work for nurses. If you are interested in joining our team, click here to view current opportunities and to apply online.