Woman with Chronic Health Issues Finds Relief after BSA Bariatric Surgery

September 14, 2018

When Taylor Fisher, 23, experienced life-threatening health issues, bariatric surgery was her only option.

“I was about to go blind due to intracranial hypertension and I needed immediate weight loss,” said Fisher. Intracranial hypertension, also known as benign intracranial hypertension and pseudotumor cerebri, occurs when the cerebrospinal fluid pressure within the skull is too high. This condition can result in vision loss, severe headaches and other conditions.

Fisher’s symptoms of sustained vision loss and severe headaches took a toll on her everyday life, especially as a student. “I couldn’t function. I couldn’t study and my symptoms made me constantly nauseous,” she said.

Studies suggest that obesity or recent weight gain can be associated with a greater risk of symptoms, according to the Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation. Weighing in at 280 pounds, Fisher was at her highest weight. She was battling polycystic ovary syndrome and hypothyroidism. These two conditions, along with an unhealthy relationship with food, made it impossible for Fisher to lose weight.

Taylor explained, “I’ve always been bigger. I tried everything from the keto diet, 500-calorie diet, diet pills, prescriptions‑anything to help me lose weight.”

Enough was enough for Fisher, who was eager to receive weight loss surgery at BSA after a recommendation from a family friend. Taylor shared, “I chose surgery because it was medically necessary, and my mother’s best friend had a great experience with BSA Bariatrics and recommended the program.”

Prior to surgery, Taylor participated in dietary counseling, where she learned about what foods she could and could not eat following surgery. “I didn’t have any nervousness about the surgery at all,” shared Fisher.

On January 9, 2018, Taylor had gastric sleeve surgery. Aside from initial gas pains, recovery was flawless, according to Taylor. “Once my body started cooperating, the weight began to fall off at a rate of five pounds per week," she added.

Since surgery, Taylor has lost 70 pounds and a total of 45 inches. Losing weight has helped Taylor take control of her life again. The chronic symptoms that once interrupted the everyday lifestyle of the 23-year-old have resolved.

Fisher is thankful for her healthy support system of friends and family, as well as her new outlook on life and herself. “This experience has definitely become a confidence booster,” she stated.

Taylor is currently attending nursing school in Garden City, Kansas. “Overall I feel better, I sleep better and I have more energy. I would definitely recommend BSA for weight loss surgery.”

If you have any questions regarding bariatric surgery and if it’s right for you, please contact the BSA Bariatric Coordinator at 806-212-4571.

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