Discount Policies

BSA Prompt Pay Discount

If you pay your hospital bill at the time of service, you may qualify for a discount. Please contact BSA to determine the terms of the discount and the amount which you may be entitled to by calling 888-568-3522.

The prompt-pay discount cannot be used in combination with any other offer or discount, such as health care insurance contractual adjustments, uninsured patient discounts or customer service adjustments.

Uninsured Patient Discounts

In keeping with the BSA mission and core values, all uninsured patients will be treated fairly and with respect at all times.

If you are uninsured, you may qualify for discounts for services you receive while in the hospital. These discounts will be provided in order to ensure you receive quality healthcare.

You may qualify for financial assistance if you are unable to pay for all or a portion of your charges. For more information on how to apply for financial assistance, please call the Business Office at 888-568-3522 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. A representative will help you find your best option for payment.

Once you have contacted the Business Office, a representative will help you apply for government assistance if eligible or other forms of financial assistance. Applications for financial assistance are available in the Admitting or Business Office. To access the financial assistance application, please click here.

To view our Financial Assistance Policy, please click here.

If your income is below 400% of the federal poverty level, you may be eligible for a reduction in your cost. An application for financial assistance and proof of total household income are required for all levels up to 401% of the federal poverty level.    

Discount Policy Exclusions

If your insurance company, including government-sponsored insurances, covers your services, you will not qualify for any discount policies. If you are covered by a third party source of payment, you will not qualify for any discounts.

Charity Care

If you have received medically necessary services and your family income is at or below 200 percent of applicable federal poverty guidelines, you may qualify for charity care which is a 100% discount on your bill. You may also qualify for charity care if you have significant medical bills.

To apply for charity care you will need to submit a financial assistance application and provide proof of income. Applications for financial assistance are available in the Admitting or Business Office.

You may call 806-212-2021 for assistance prior to receiving services. If you have questions and have already received services, please call 888-568-3522. You can also view our charitable care policy here.

This notice required by Texas Health & Safety Code Section 324.101.