BSA Hospital’s Commitment to Quality and Safety

BSA Hospital’s Commitment to Quality and Safety

BSA Hospital is strongly committed to promoting patient quality and safety. We have undertaken numerous quality initiatives to improve overall patient safety and specifically to reduce Healthcare Associated Infections. Recognizing that all patients are at risk for developing these infections, we have adopted numerous quality initiatives to reduce and prevent their occurrence. This year we are able to report that over the past 12 months we recorded fewer than the National Average central line bloodstream infections, surgical site infections, MRSA blood infections and Clostridium difficile intestinal infections as reported by CMS on Care Compare. Unfortunately, we were challenged by the COVID-19 epidemic with our rates of catheter-related urinary tract infections, but we have dropped our incidence dramatically since May of 2022 through extensive education and monitoring of catheter use and maintenance.

We are proud to report that our attention to quality and safety through the work of the BSA Quality department and the commitment from hospital leadership, staff and providers has earned us the honor of being ranked #1 in the State of Texas by the Lown Institute Hospital Index for Patient Safety and #12 in the State for overall outcomes. We voluntarily participate in the Leapfrog Safety Survey and have achieved the grade of “A” since 2019, reflecting seven consecutive cycles at this level of performance. Despite the need to comply with more rigorous metrics to maintain that level of performance, we continually strive to maintain that grade.

We believe in promoting a transparent culture of safety: All employees and staff of the hospital are empowered to report unsafe conditions and possible errors within a non-punitive climate. We have embarked on the journey to becoming a High Reliability Organization and will report on our progress over the coming years. We are committed to our Vision of making BSA a Great Place for Patients as we fulfill our Mission to provide quality healthcare in Christian love, service, and dignity.


Michael Cruz
Chief Executive Officer