Patient Friendly Pain Management

BSA is reducing patients’ risk of opioid reliance, abuse and overdose by using multimodal pain management techniques. Unintentional opioid overdose is the second leading cause of accidental death in the nation, contributing to one death every 35 minutes. Amarillo is ranked thirteenth in the nation for overall opioid abuse and tenth in the nation for opioid prescription abuse.


What is multimodal pain management?

Multimodal pain management is a patient friendly pain management technique that uses multiple non-opioid medications after surgery to target areas in the body and nervous system that are causing pain, thus reducing the need for opioids.

Using a multimodal approach to pain management:

  • Increases a patient’s ability to participate in physical and occupational therapy
  • Lessens a patient’s risk of experiencing drug toxicity
  • Limits a patient’s risk of experiencing chronic pain or opioid addiction
  • Provides patients with greater pain relief
  • Reduces a patient’s risk of getting pneumonia, falling or experiencing an impaired ability to heal
  • Requires less pain medication to be given
  • Shortens the duration of therapy needed


Opioid-Free and Reduced-Opioid Surgical Options

At BSA, we strive to provide every patient with great outcomes. We are using advanced pain management techniques to provide our patients with exceptional outcomes, faster recovery times and fewer side effects.

BSA is the first hospital in Amarillo to perform opioid-free C-sections. Opioid-free C-sections allow mothers to experience fewer side effects, be more alert and recover more quickly than traditional C-sections that use opioids.

All bariatric procedures performed at BSA are conducted with reduced opioid use to reduce each patient's risk of dangerous side effects.


For more information about BSA's pain management techniques, please call the BSA Pharmacy department at 806-212-3784.