BSA Answering Service

BSA provides physicians and other health care providers with an answering service that consists of qualified and professional operators who are specifically trained to receive and take messages from patients, hospitals and other medical professionals. Our answering service uses a high tech telephone system that allows the operators to see multiple pieces of information at once along with the capability of taking and delivering messages. Our operators understand the vital importance of patient care and communication between the doctor, office staff and other medical professionals. We pride ourselves on taking care of our doctors’ special instructions and procedures in order to provide them with the best service possible.

Our answering service provides the following:

  • Operators are available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Specific instructions can be given to our operators to follow.
  • Updates to the calling procedure can be made quickly and easily.
  • We are able to call, page and/or text providers while maintaining HIPAA compliance.
  • We work with doctors to establish a custom scripting for our operators to follow.

Features of our high tech system include:

  • The ability to take messages and store them for future review if needed (stored for one year).
  • A profile page, which automatically displays the calling procedure when your patients call.
  • A special instructions area, where doctors may provide important information such as who is on-call or a temporary alternate contact number.
  • The ability to set up reminders for different needs such as a daily morning wake up call for our doctors or a specific time that our answering service needs to deliver information.

The BSA Answering Service will represent the doctor with precision and professionalism in order to help doctors provide their patients with their patients with the best care and customer service possible.


We appreciate your interest in BSA Health System’s answering service. Please contact Sydney Walker at 806-212-6001 if you are interested in joining our answering service.