Lindsey Criss, ACNP-C


Neurology, Family Nurse Practitioner

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Lindsey was very kind and responded to my questions well. I mentioned to her that I like the patient portal for many reasons, but I feel it is unkind to include a diagnosis as disturbing as Alzheimers on line when there is no one present to answer questions and offer kindness. She said she also has expressed this concern. I hope it can be remedied. Again, Lindsey treated me well and with kindness. Linda N. Cook

   — Linda N Cook


Lindsey Criss has been an awesome provider in my experience. She is available for appointments in timely manners, and her nurse Nikki (sp?) is ALWAYS able to answer my questions and return phone calls. Lindsey has been able to crack the code with my medications and make a HUGE impact on lining out my symptoms to a degree that I'm no longer having huge changes going up and down and left and right. Thank goodness! I think the entire Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic organization is both talented and responsive. I feel very fortunate to have Lindsey and Nikki in my corner. They have made a huge impact on my life. Both the Clinic's practice and I are better for their talents, efforts and involvement. Go Team! Woo-Hoo!

   — DJ / Dwight Rogers


Appointment with Lindsey went smooth. Nice lady and very professional.

   — James Stephens


My appointment went great! I could not have had a better experience. Ms. Criss was informative, listened to each of my questions and responded in a way that made me feel as though she cared and wasn't just trying to get finished with me so she could get to her next patient.

   — Patrick Coats


She’s great, she listened to what I had to say & is trying to help like I wanted! Great staff as well very nice & friendly

   — Michaele Long


Lindsey is a compassionate, knowledgeable, thorough nurse practitioner. She has the knowledge and the skills to improve the lives of the patients that she sees.

   — Janie Hensley