BSA Cardiac Rehab Serves as Support for Local Resident

January 31, 2022

In April 2021, Terri Fry began experiencing severe pain in the middle of her back. Unsure of what was causing the pain, Terri drove to BSA Urgent Care Center. While there, Terri was informed she was experiencing a major heart attack. She was taken to the hospital for immediate treatment.

“They said one artery was 100 percent clogged and another one was 90 percent clogged,” Terri shared. “I received two stents and spent a total of 14 days in the hospital.”

After her discharge from the hospital, Terri attended the BSA Cardiac Rehabilitation Program to help her regain strength and learn how to live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

“If it weren’t for the BSA Cardiac Rehab Program, I wouldn't be where I'm at today,” Terri said. “My experience there was phenomenal.”

The BSA Cardiac Rehab Program is a 12-week course that provides exercise, education and support to patients who have suffered a heart-related health event.

“The exercise program was phenomenal,” Terri stated. “You can't beat this type of program, where you go to a gym and nurses are there for you if you need them.”

Along with the healthy lifestyle habits and knowledge Terri gained in the program, she attributes a lot of her success to the supportive environment created by the nurses.

“One of the major aspects of the rehab program is the nurses,” Terri said. “They make you laugh, which everybody needs these days. They are very compassionate and are very concerned about your progress. They’re just a huge support system.”

For more information about the BSA Cardiac Rehab Program, call 806-212-0700.