BSA Employee Gives Back with Therapy Dog

November 7, 2019

Tammy Clark, an Administrative Assistant at the BSA Sleep Disorders Center is helping lift patients’ spirits with the help of her therapy dog, a miniature American Shepard named Kilo. Clark and Kilo volunteer their time by visiting patients and brightening their day.

Clark says she originally got the idea from another therapy dog she saw at BSA.  After doing research, Clark got Kilo the necessary training needed for him to become a certified therapy dog.

“There is specific training your dog has to do so they can become a therapy dog,” Clark said. “Kilo goes through extensive training to be around medical equipment and different situations throughout the hospital. He is trained well and as a handler, I have specific rules that I have to follow as well.”

Clark takes Kilo to senior homes and rehabilitation centers, but BSA is their favorite spot.

“I like to go to BSA specifically because they’re so welcoming to therapy dogs,” Clark said.

Clark says she enjoys being able to brighten someone’s day.

“It’s so rewarding,” says Clark. “Some patients don’t have family members that visit, so they like having the interaction.”

Kilo is properly rewarded for being such a good boy.

“Kilo comes in there and gets plenty of petting,” shares Clark. “I carry treats with me so patients can give him one.”

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