BSA Nurse Celebrates 50 Years of Service

January 10, 2018

BSA recognizes Mary Holcomb, RN, MSN, CPAN, who has dedicated 50 years of service in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit at BSA.

Mary’s career began in 1967 as a part-time nurse in the recovery room at St. Anthony’s. Mary began her full-time career in 1969.

Mary’s passion for nursing is humbling. “I love what I do and I love the job that I do,” she shares. “Nursing isn’t just a profession, it’s a calling. You have to want to do what you do.”

Mary also shares her thoughts on the environment in the unit. “It’s open to questions and answers,” she says. “It’s like a family. There are stress and problems, but you work through them."

Mary has seen a lot of change in 50 years. “The computers definitely challenged me. As things progress and change, you just roll with the punches. You learn what you need to learn and you develop the skills that you need to go along with the changes.”

Although the etiquette between nurses and doctors has also changed over the years, Mary continues to carry the notions she was taught years ago. “I’m old school, where we stood when a doctor walked into the room. I don’t refer to them by first names. I address them as ‘Doctor’. In that respect, I’ve kept the old and although I go along with the new, I didn’t merge in that sense.”

Mary highlights her favorite part of her duty as a nurse in the recovery unit. “I enjoy seeing a smile on a patient’s face or a pat on my hand because I’ve made them feel good.”

Recently, Mary was chosen as one of the Panhandle’s Great 25 Nurses.“This award gave me an appreciation of what I have done, what I have accomplished and what still can be accomplished.”

Thank you, Mary for your service and dedication to BSA!