BSA Says Thank You to Volunteers

April 21, 2021

Volunteers are a vital part of what goes on at BSA. Their passion and selflessness are inspiring, and the support they provide truly cannot be understated. Ahead of BSA Volunteer Week, we spoke with BSA Volunteer Coordinator, Nicole Bounsing, to get her thoughts on our wonderful network of volunteers.


Volunteering is rewarding, but with busy schedules, the coronavirus pandemic and families to care for, finding the time to volunteer can seem impossible. That makes the time our BSA volunteers carve out all the more admirable, as they make it a top priority despite the challenges. Their impact is felt throughout virtually every department of the hospital.


“BSA volunteers have always had an important role in providing a positive experience for the patient, as well as their friends and family,” Nicole said. “Volunteers are one of the first faces folks see when in our facility. Our volunteers serve in various positions all over our hospital: in the surgery waiting room, admissions, gift shop, hospital entrance as greeters, senior patient visitation and many more areas.”


The workplace is composed of an eclectic ensemble of personalities and skills that contribute to its success – and the team of volunteers at BSA is no different. Volunteers from all backgrounds come together at BSA to serve other members of their community.

“Our volunteers come from all walks of life, many retired from careers at companies like Pantex, AISD, Phillips Petroleum and some are even retired BSA employees,” Nicole said. “Though our department is small, we are a family. Many volunteers have become lifelong friends during their time here. In early 2020, when we made the tough decision to pause our volunteer program due to COVID-19 precautions, the friendships and relationships among our volunteers became so important. They would call on one another to keep in touch and to share their joys, trials and worries.”

While it will not be possible to host the Volunteer Appreciation Banquet this year due to COVID precautions, BSA wants to thank all volunteers, past and present.


“We want to personally thank each of them [volunteers] for their continued patience as we work through all the challenges of the pandemic,” Nicole said. “The special bond we [BSA volunteer staff] have with each volunteer is more than just a co-worker relationship. They have laughed with us, cried with us and even prayed over us. Sadly, in 2020-2021 we lost two very special volunteers. To have been a part of the celebration of life services and to recognize the work they accomplished at BSA was an honor, and they will be greatly missed.”


We are blessed to have such an incredible family of volunteers here at BSA. Thank you for all that you do!