A Heartfelt Gift: Coronary Artery Screening for Only $99 at BSA

December 17, 2019

For those searching for a thoughtful and heartfelt holiday gift, look no further than BSA. Our $99 coronary artery calcium screening may be the perfect holiday gift for you or a loved one.

This quick and painless test detects and measures calcium-containing plaque deposits in your arteries that can restrict or block blood flow. Results from this screening can help you understand your risk of heart disease and take preventive measures to reduce your risk of heart attack.

Men and women are encouraged to begin getting calcium scoring at age fifty. Talk to your healthcare provider about coronary artery calcium scoring and if it’s right for you.

To schedule an appointment, please call (806) 212-8888. A physician’s referral is required. To learn more about BSA’s heart services, click here.