A Life-Changing Year: A Local Woman’s Weight Loss Success

January 9, 2020

One year can make a huge difference in someone’s life. That is especially true for Piper Bennett who has lost 108 pounds less than a year after having bariatric surgery. Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Bennett first began looking into bariatric surgery after her physician recommended it as a way to help alleviate her symptoms and improve her health.

After doing research about weight loss options, Bennett decided that bariatric surgery was right for her. She underwent surgery in March of 2019.

“Recovery was really better than I thought,” says Bennett. “I did everything exactly by the book. They said walk and I got up and walked. I ate as much protein as I could and followed all the directions.”


Throughout her surgery and recovery process, Bennett felt support from the BSA Bariatric staff.


“The staff is great,” Bennett said. “My doctor even came in before surgery and prayed with me. They were wonderful. You feel that they really care about what they're doing.”


Along with support from the BSA staff, Bennett had the support of her son and family members.


“As soon as I started this journey he started doing the cooking,” Bennett shared. “He made sure we were eating healthy. He got behind me 100%. My whole family has been really supportive.”


Losing more than 100 pounds has made a positive impact on Bennett’s health - her blood sugar is under control, she has not had to take a shot of insulin since surgery, she doesn’t need cholesterol medicine and she no longer has to sleep with oxygen. In addition to her health improvements, she has also gained more confidence and an excitement for being active.


“I’ve gotten a lot more confident,” Bennett said. “My entire attitude has changed and my mood has lightened up. I’m not a year out yet and it's a totally new life.”


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