The Power of One

August 7, 2014

Trace Brown has worked in Patient Transport for only three months, but he has already made a big difference in the life of one patient.  When he was transporting a patient, he realized that the patient was blind and deaf.  His wife was also deaf.  Trace knows sign language, so he started a conversation with the man’s wife. She shared with Trace how frustrating it has been to communicate her husband’s needs to the staff and the physician.
Trace offered to help her out and began a conversation between the couple and the floor nurse.  The wife had the ability to sign while her husband touched her hands. He understood her and would sign back.  She would then sign to Trace.  Trace would then tell the nurse, and then they would reverse the process.  Our patient’s visit to BSA became much better for everyone because of this simple offer of help.  

Trace says, “I had a friend who was deaf and no one could communicate with him. I used my basic sign language alphabet with him and then was able to move into phrases.  I was so inspired by him, that I am now going to Amarillo College to get an Associate’s degree in Sign Language.” Put that with his previous degree in Foreign Language—Spanish, French and German—and you can see how Trace is a most valuable BSA employee.