Wedding Bells at BSA

July 12, 2018
Twelve years ago, Kerry and Rebecca Lucero met in the BSA Emergency Department.
Four years later, the two were married at the BSA Chapel by BSA Spiritual Care Chaplain, Chris Caldwell.
When it was time to plan the wedding, there was no question about where the two would marry, shared Rebecca. “We decided to get married at the BSA Chapel because our family is here. I’ve been here almost twenty years, so everyone here is like family to me.”
Chaplain Chris Caldwell has performed a number of weddings at BSA, some for employees and others for patients and their family.
“I had asked them why they particularly wanted to be married by a chaplain,” shared Chaplain Chris Caldwell. “They could have been married by a Justice of the Peace. They expressed to me that they wanted to be married with God’s blessing and make him the center of their marriage.”
Family and friends flooded the BSA chapel to celebrate the two on their big day.
Rebecca shared, “It was very personal and it created a very loving atmosphere. All of our family was there and most of the Emergency Department staff were able to attend the wedding.
BSA employees even helped the bride get ready to walk down the aisle. Rebecca remembered, “I had nurses help do my hair and makeup. It was all very sweet.”  
Since the wedding, the Lucero family has expanded. Kerry and Rebecca have two children, Kamryn who is four and their newborn, Kinsler.
“BSA is everything to our family,” Rebecca said. “Without BSA I wouldn’t have met my husband or have my two beautiful children. BSA is a home away from home for me.”
“It is special to me to see them in the Emergency Department or around the hospital and know that I got to be a small part of their lives to bring God’s promise of blessing and love to them,” said Chaplain Chris Caldwell.
“At BSA, we hope all we do can express God’s love to others. I am so glad to be part of such a loving experience as a BSA wedding in our own chapel with employees I still see all the time.”
Kerry and Rebecca recently celebrated eight years of marriage on June 30. Congratulations to the happy couple!