BSA Hospital and Amarillo Surgical Group Surgeons Perform the First TCAR Procedure in the Region

December 12, 2018

AMARILLO, TX (October 15, 2018)- BSA Hospital has teamed up with Amarillo Surgical Group surgeons to offer the first TransCarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR) procedure in the region. Dr. Chance Irwin and Dr. David Langley with Amarillo Surgical Group are the region’s first surgeons to perform TCAR surgeries, offering patients a safer way to reduce their risk of stroke. Both Dr. Irwin and Dr. Langley specialize in general, peripheral and vascular surgeries. 

“TCAR minimizes the risk of heart attack, stroke and nerve injury during carotid artery repair,” Dr. Irwin said. “TCAR combines surgical practices of neuroprotection with advanced stent placement, making the carotid artery repair procedure minimally invasive and safer for our patients.”

Carotid artery disease involves a build-up of plaque in one or both of the main arteries of the neck. If left untreated, the disease can cause blood flow to slow down or stop, which may result in a stroke. Carotid artery disease is estimated to be the source of up to a third of stroke cases. For patients who are considered high-risk for traditional surgery due to age, anatomic issues or other medical conditions, the TCAR procedure may help prevent stroke.

TCAR uses a minimally invasive incision to directly access the artery. During TCAR, temporary blood flow reversal causes plaque fragments that may break off to be diverted away from the brain. During the blood flow reversal process, a stent is placed inside the artery to stabilize the plaque and minimize the risk of future stroke. TCAR takes half the time of a traditional carotid artery procedure.

“TCAR offers our patients the highest quality care available in carotid artery repair,” said Matt Parker, Vice President of Cardiovascular Services at BSA. “TCAR is a patient friendly procedure; it can be performed in half the time of a traditional carotid artery procedure, is less invasive leading to a faster recovery time and leaves patients with smaller scars.”


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