Cancer Survivor Reminds Women the Importance of a Mammogram

October 17, 2018

Myrna Steeves has always been an advocate for women to get their yearly mammogram.

“I’ve religiously gone for mammograms since I was about forty and I’ve had several biopsies in the past,” explained Steeves.

At age 71, Steeves didn’t think twice when she was asked to return for a diagnostic mammogram at BSA Harrington Cancer Center after a routine mammogram six months earlier.

“The doctors at BSA Harrington thought something was off in my mammogram six months earlier, so I had to go back. I’ve had to do this a few times so I wasn’t too concerned,” explained Myrna.

Shortly after a mammogram in late April 2018 and another biopsy, Myrna was shocked to learn that she was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. Following the news of her diagnosis, Myrna met with BSA Harrington Breast Center Oncology Nurse Navigator, Bobbie Perrin.

“I initially went numb when I found out the news, but Bobbie went through the entire process and explained everything very well. She reassured me that everything was going to be fine. She was great. Along with my husband and daughter, Bobbie was with me every step of the way,” shared Myrna.

On June 22, 2018, Myrna had surgery performed by Dr. Michael Alan Lary with BSA Amarillo Surgical Group on her left breast. Under anesthesia, Dr. Lary removed the cancer cells and two lymph nodes.

Myrna’s journey continued with radiation treatments at BSA Harrington Cancer Center where she received radiation five days a week for three weeks. “My body has responded to everything wonderfully. I have not had any problems, even after surgery,” said Myrna.

Myrna recalls one of the most emotional moments of this entire experience.

“The last day of radiation was the first day that I was really emotional. I felt so blessed that they caught the cancer so quickly and I felt really lucky. I knew I was cancer-free” shared Myrna.

Myrna is thankful for the employees she met along the way at BSA Harrington Cancer Center.

“Through this whole process, I have not met one person who is not great. The staff has been caring, friendly and professional. It’s been wonderful under these circumstances,” said Myrna.

Myrna’s husband David was also pleased with her level of care.

“My husband said more than once that the staff at BSA Harrington made him feel confident that everything was going to be okay. He is the love of my life and I knew that the word cancer scared him.”

When it comes to scheduling a mammogram, Myrna says, “just do it.”

“As you get older, go every year. It’s not inconvenient. If they want you to come back for a diagnostic mammogram, then there is a reason for that. It’s so important,” said Myrna.

To learn more about BSA Harrington Breast Center, please click here. To schedule a mammogram with BSA Harrington Breast Center, please call 806-356-1905.