Mother of Two Trusts BSA’s Pediatric Unit for Her Diabetic Daughters

March 23, 2021

When Christy Garces’ 10-year-old daughter Sophie experienced pain in her left foot followed by a fever, Christy’s first thought was to head to BSA. As a mother of two daughters with type 1 diabetes, she knew the severity of a seemingly ordinary condition could be amplified.

The Garceses are no strangers to BSA. Their family has seen doctors there for years, and the oldest Garces daughter was even diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in its pediatric unit 15 years ago. Christy knew she could trust the doctors and staff at BSA to figure out what was causing Sophie’s pain and fever.

Christy rushed Sophie to the BSA Emergency Room where nurses discovered a blood infection and immediately admitted her to the pediatric unit.

During her stay in the pediatric unit, doctors identified the source of Sophie’s discomfort and diagnosed her with osteomyelitis and cellulitis. Due to the increased risk associated with type 1 diabetes, Sophie stayed in the pediatric unit for a week to monitor symptoms. During this time, nurses worked with Christy to ensure she understood what caring for Sophie would look like after her hospital stay.

“The staff explained everything they were doing to Sophie and always asked if we had any questions,” said Christy. “When Sophie was discharged, they educated us, helped us through our transition on getting home and explained everything thoroughly.”

In preparation for her release from the hospital, Sophie was prescribed antibiotics and scheduled for several follow-up appointments with Dr. Sessions and Dr. Carlisle. Christy left the hospital feeling confident in Sophie’s condition and her ability to provide at-home support for her daughter.

As Christy was leaving the pediatric unit with Sophie, a photo hanging on the wall caught her eye. It was a picture of Cristy’s eldest daughter Calista, 19, performing with her school’s drill team, the Tascosa Bells.

“Seeing that photo meant a lot,” said Christy. “BSA was a big part of Calista’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis. Because of the support she received from BSA and all her hard work, she earned a cheerleading scholarship to Wayland Baptist University. To be able to be so at ease, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, surrounded by nurses and doctors that feel like family was just an incredible experience. The pediatric nurses, charge nurses and doctors all truly lived up to the BSA mission. I can’t say how thankful I am for everyone at BSA!”

About a month after her stay at BSA, Sophie is recovering from osteomyelitis and cellulitis and doing very well at home.

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