Hospitalist Services

Quality Medical Care for BSA Patients

BSA Hospitalist Services is a team comprised of physicians and nurse practitioners who provide quality medical treatment to individuals while they are patients at BSA. They manage and coordinate the entire inpatient episode-of-care, working closely with patients' primary care physicians and/or other specialists involved. 

To contact BSA Hospitalist Services, call 806-212-7000. 

BSA hospitalists offer exceptional care for hospitalized patients in both the ICU and sub-acute settings. They are trained to take care of most medical conditions. Our hospitalists are familiar with the flow of patients through the hospital, key departments and individuals within the hospital which allows for prompt connections with other healthcare personnel. They are well-versed in a wide range of healthcare industry issues, such as payer/insurance rules, state and federal regulations, public health initiatives and healthcare legislation.

BSA Hospitalist Services offer numerous benefits to primary and specialty care physicians. Their support can:

  • Enable physicians to spend more time with their office patients
  • Act as a referral source for new patients
  • Perform pre-procedural risk assessments, avoiding surgical delays
  • Allow subspecialists to focus on their area of expertise by managing routine medical issues
  • Coordinate care management
  • Act as a liaison between all members of the physician care team to ensure optimal patient care
  • Provide more immediate response to inpatient emergencies
  • Facilitate the admission and discharge process

To arrange for hospitalist services for your hospitalized patients or admission of a patient through the hospitalist services, call 806-212-7000 or 800-888-8332 for inbound transfer requests.

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