Blessings from the Heart

Blessings from the Heart is a committee at BSA that helps employees in need. When an employee experiences a difficult financial situation, they can call a Blessings from the Heart committee member to apply for help. 

Chair: Nicole Bounsing – 212-5404

Co-Chair: Amy Rambo – 212-2989

Member: Eddie Caire – 212-5571

Member: Valerie Larra – 212-6117

Member: Mary Margaret Girty – 212-4270


Prequalification Guidelines for Disbursements

  1. The applicant must be an employee of BSA Health System, employed for 90 days with no final disciplinary action. 
  2. All information submitted and any information on the disbursement of funds will be regarded as strictly confidential.
  3. The situation for which assistance is being requested must be precipitated by extenuating circumstances.  The result of poor personal budgeting will not be considered.
  4. Any confirmed deception in representing information to the committee will result in automatic denial of assistance and any future requests.
  5. Employees will be eligible to receive only one disbursement every 180 days.  Exceptions include:
    (a)        The death of an immediate family member (spouse, parent, child, sibling).
    (b)        Catastrophic event (i.e., fire, flood, life-threatening injury/illness of the employee of an immediate family member).
  6. All requests for assistance will be processed within 3 business days (72 hours).
  7. The request for assistance has a limit of $400.00 for utilities, $200.00 for food, $800.00 for housing and a total max of $1200.00 within a rolling calendar year. 
  8. Checks will be issued to third parties only (e.g., Xcel, Atmos, Mortage Company).  No exceptions to this rule.